Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Want to change my clothes, my hair, my face"

Well, well, well. The returns are in.

How do you spell "Sweep?" P-O-P-P-Y.

Yes, I'm feeling happy. And, to tell you the truth, also a bit petty. A better woman would look at these things with a fine, objective, Zen-like calm. A better woman would not drive around listening to AM talk radio and rolling her eyes at the assinine, mean-spirited remarks being made by the shows' hosts.

So yeah, I'm happy. And petty. But just a bit. Really! Because for all of us who voted, the good news is that the democratic process has shown its strength again. The voters didn't like what was going on, so they threw the bums out.

Now maybe, just maybe, the Republicans will realize that if you act like an arrogant asshole, you might get fired.

As for the Democrats? Maybe they'll remember what it felt like when they got fired. Maybe this time they'll keep in touch with reality.

But bear with me, because in this, a mostly-non-political blog, I want to talk about two more things. This business of Rumsfeld resigning. Talk about the locking the barn door after the horse gets stolen. Here I was thinking that while the list of our current President's shortcomings is long (Hee! Get it?) he is, at least, loyal. Maybe to a politically-damaging extent, but somehow, for me, that meant he was pig-headed, but in a way that showed he had integrity.

Guess not.

So that sucks. I mean, if the Iraq war wasn't going well today, after the Democrats took control of both houses ... wasn't it going badly yesterday? In which case, why not have asked for Rumsfeld's resignation--I don't know--at any point during the last three years? I mean, what is this--a gesture? When you're pig-headed, you're not supposed to stoop to empty gestures.

And Karl Rove. I suspect that the Republican get-out-the-vote tactic--the one where they add a socially-conservative, non-binding referendum to the ballot in order to increase voter turn-out ("I know! 'Marriage is between one man and one woman!' That will bring them to the polls")--has finally peaked. It looks like the voters have figured it out. Which is good. Because honestly, that tactic looks about as spontaneous and unscripted as Bruce Springsteen pulling Courtney Cox onto the stage to dance in the Dancing in the Dark video. Sure, we all fell for it the first time ... but now we know this was a coldly-calculated move.

p.s. Apropos of nothing at all, DAMN! Doesn't Springsteen look good in that video? Maybe he should run for President. I'd vote for him. As long as he promises to fire his Secretary of Defense right away, and not wait until after the mid-term election results are in.


  1. Springsteen for President!

    OK, I've had a couple Magaritas. But it beats what we've got for two more years.

  2. Oh god, I'd forgotten how hot Bruce was.

    If I close my eyes and tap my ruby red heels together can I be back in a high school disco pretending to be Courtney Cox just as he reached out for her? (Because, odds-on, if it was really me I'd have totally slipped off the stage)

  3. Well, I'm glad that in SOME parts of the country, they were able to throw the bums out.

    I tried, people! I tried! It's not easy being a blueblood in a red state!


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