Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day 4

OK, newsflash, girlfriends; I'm officially sick of Christmas.

Why is that? Well, we had the Christmas-dinner-for-Poppy's-side-of-the-family. With the drinks and snacks and the many foodstuffs cooked by Poppy for all 13 of us:

A 10 pound boneless loin of pork, roasted, with home-made applesauce, home-made gravy, roast potatoes, string beans cooked al dente and then tossed with butter and Parmesan until yummy and gooey, Poppy's prize-winning wild rice salad with pecans and raisins, tossed green salad a la Fran Drescher with pine nuts, croutons, avocado, blue cheese, tomato, red onion, endive with a horseradish cream dressing ... (sound crazy, but it's great) followed by home-made pecan pie, home-made blueberry pie, three flavors of super-premium ice cream, my mother's bourbon pecan cake, some cookies somebody brought, and home-made eggnog.

So the food was great. The company less so. Anyone who thinks Christmas is about family hasn't spent Christmas with mine. They're ... well, "abrasive" is the word that comes to mind.

You know what? My mother is really annoying. And my younger brother? Has really been acting like an asshole lately. I mean, my poor sister-in-law was in tears for part of the evening.

So I don't have all that much Christmas spirit left at this point, having spent the past 12 hours cooking and dealing with family bullshit.

But I did have enough left to find you four calling birds.


  1. I CANNOT WAIT for 5.

    And the Jokes are due to arrive, aren't they?

    Jealous I am....

    Remind him that I'll be with you in July -
    oh, and tell him to read my freakin blog, he's been noticably absent.

    and have fun...

  2. Sounds yummy.

    I, too, make a wild rice with pecans and raisins dish. Didn't make it this year, though.

    Loving your pictorial celebrations! Looking forward to the remaining eight days...

    Hang in there!

  3. as usual, you are hilarious. i can't wait for the next eight days of xmas.
    and i too am thoroughly sick of christmas, to the point where i screamed at H this morning, Oh for god's sake, go back to work already!

    give joke a giant hug for me.


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