Thursday, February 01, 2007

We're all alive and kicking in da House. Of Atreus.

We feel fine. We survived the steak-left-out-overnight.

And we're thankful for this. Well, I'm thankful, anyway--because if you think I told my family what they were eating, you're completely overestimating my general level of candour. This is the kind of thing I tell the internet, not my family. In my opinion, wearing my Medea t-shirt to the dining room table constituted ample notice that the comestibles weren't exactly appetizing.

It's not my fault that my children lack even a rudimentary knowledge of Greek tragedy.

I'm also glad I don't own a cat:

(My apologies for the lame credit sequence. It has all the savor of a steak that has been accidentally left out of the refrigerator for the night. But soldier on, because it's worth it. And extremely high in protein.)


  1. The nice thing about unrefrigerated beef is that it's already browned so you can skip that step.

  2. ohmigod, *I* want a Medea t-shirt.

    also, i had to bathe our cat once, when she'd walked thru freshly poured concrete. I wish I'd had the foresight to videotape it.

  3. its when you break out the Titus Andronicus shirt that they should start to worry.

  4. This is hysterical. If I weren't having the cold of the century I'd be rotfl.

    Oh, and I think my hip hop name would be Spicy Lou.


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