Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Why you don't want to eat the food at my house. [Updated!]

Yesterday when I was straightening up for the cleaning team, I picked up some Treasure Island shopping bags that had been left on the floor in the kitchen after I sort of finished putting away the groceries from the after-school trip to Walgreen's to get the passport pictures taken that segued into a trip to the grocery store but I needed to start helping with the homework --

I'll come in again.

It appears that when I put the groceries away on Monday evening, and was interrupted by a child needing help with her homework, I neglected to empty the last shopping bag, and only discovered it the next morning.

The not-quite-empty grocery bag contained the little plastic bag! You know, the one they use for the packages of meat.

And there they were. Two New York Strip steaks. And a pound of ground sirloin. They had been left out from 5:30 p.m. Monday until 9:00 the next morning.

I put the bag of meat in the icebox. Yes, even the ground sirloin, which later that afternoon, I made into meatballs, figuring that a chopped onion would have an anti-bacterial effect, and if that didn't kill the toxins, an hour simmering in tomato sauce would do the trick.

And then, at dinner time, I fed spaghetti and meatballs to my family. (Gahh!! Just call me Medea.)

We're still alive and well.

So tonight's the steak.


We had the steak. And we're not dead yet. More later--if the pathogens don't get me.


  1. Recently I made Lyonnaise potatoes, which I love (cut up and boil potatoes as if for mashed, but not quite soft all the way through), add chopped onion, vinegar, lots of black pepper, and buttah. Then put the lid on the pan and shake it until the soft parts of the potato mash up with everything. Mmm! Yummy delicious.

    Then forget you still have a half a saucepan full of Lyonnaise potatoes on the stove until next morning.

    The garbage disposal really enjoyed those leftovers!

  2. Random random comment - my grandfather used to sell canned products - and the Treasure Island across the street from Second City (where everyone parks for it!) is one of the ones he sold stuff to. Just a random Chicago connection. :o)

  3. If you told my kid that story during dinner, he would spit out the meatball and run from the room to go wash his tongue or something. I don't know how he got so picky. If they were good meatballs, I'd keep eating them.

  4. How high do you have the heat set in your house?

    It's probably fine, as long as you weren't planning on serving steak tartare. Meat doesn't spoil overnight, but for steak tartare you really want to use the freshest of the fresh.

    Something tells me you had no plans to serve steak tartare to teh Buxom household, though. Call me crazy...

  5. If you've dined in Europe, you've had infinitely more pathogens.


  6. I had goldfish and waffles for dinner, so yours (bacteria or not), sounds divine!


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