Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Seven Last Words

"Holy crap," she blasphemed blithely, "that's-a-lotta church time." It really is! I just got the email with he coming week's rehearsal/service choir schedule. Check it out:

Tomorrow: Two rehearsals, two services.
Monday: No church. My last chance to get groceries, do laundry, and commit a couple of sins.
Tuesday: 11:15 call for a 12:00 service, which is The Blessing of the (Extra-Virgin) Oil, and no, I am not kidding. Somehow I suspect the oil will be Extra-Virgin-In-Perpetuity.
Wednesday: A two-hour evening rehearsal with orchestra.
Maunday Thursday: 6:30 call for 7:30 service.
Good Friday: 11:15 call for Noon Good Friday Service.
Saturday: 7:15 call for the 8:00 Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday: 8:00 call for services at 9 and 11

I'm estimating 23 hours at church this week, not including travel time. After all this, I fully expect to transubstantiate. Or bite the head off a chocolate Jesus. And then go get brunch.

So. Let me know if you need me to pray for your sins, or for the healing of your bodily ills, or even your flawed fashion sense, because by this time next week, I should be BFF with anyone Who ever played a starring role in a stained glass window.


  1. Here from Michele's.

    That is a whole lotta church time! Since you offered a prayer to us, I'll ask that you pray I get a good job when I graduate in another month. Maybe something in the $100,000 per year range. I don't want to ask for too much, you know.

    If you can't get that for me. Just pray that I become completely ignorant of the outside world. They say, "Ignorance is bliss."

  2. Oh Poppy, that is a whole lotta church time! I cackled when I finished reading this.

    Yes, could you pray for my flawed fashion sense? Sometimes I think it's a wonder I've gotten this far!

    Love your labels.



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