Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday's child is full of woe.

Oh, whom am I kidding. Yes, I was born on Wednesday, and today is Wednesday, but I'm not filled with woe. I just have a little jigger of woe splashing around in an otherwise full glass of whee.

Woe is me because:

1. Lemony SarahO is moving to Colorado. I never thought she would move. Never! In fact, I secretly hoped her house would not sell and she would not move, and she'd stay here and be my real-life pal as well as blogging buddy and Mamarazzi colleague. Bummer. I'll miss our blabbermouth lunches.

2. My right heel still hurts a little bit.

3. Bugs! Bugs in the yard! The 17-year cicadas are starting to hatch. And some people are all excited about this. I am not one of them. Hello? Bugs are gross.

4. I have my first meeting with a new personal trainer today. I am skeered. Will he hurt me?

But there is a lot of whee! mixed in with the woe:

1. Celebrity parenting is a complete trainwreck these days, which gives me lots of material to use for Mamarazzi posts. I subbed for Sarah today. I made fun of Candy Spelling, for a piquant change of pace. Because even I, with my limitless appetite for idiocy, am getting a little sick of Britney.

2. The personal trainer will have to be nice to me, even if he can't stand me. That's always pleasant, and reminds me why I hired doulas to come help after my second child was born. (This of course, was after I learned--with the first child, and the hard way--that becoming a grandmother was not miraculously going to transform my mother into a kind, thoughtful, selfless person.) Since then, my philosophy has been: if you want people to be nice to you, surround yourself with employees, not family members. And fire them if they get mouthy.

3. You guys are the greatest. I loved the comments to my last MY FOOT HURTS post. I am taking all of your advice. I am even taking the advice of Anonymous, who didn't like medical advice by blog. Anonymous, I'm also going to search the internet some more and not rely solely on my blog for get-well-soon advice. In the meanwhile, I bought two different OTC orthotic shoe inserts and my foot feels better. Yay!


  1. You need Birkenstocks -
    they always look good with Lily Pulitzer.

    Lemony Sarah is moving to my neck o the woods.
    Because life is better here, you know...

  3. No cicadas here. When they built our neighborhood they scraped off every inch of topsoil and tree beforehand, and there weren't any here 17 years ago. Quiet as a church out in this neck of the woods.

  4. I cannot BELIEVE I was flipped the bird by another poster!!! WTF! :)

    I simply suggested she seek REAL advice, like a podatrist (who does not really count as a Dr.) before it gets worse and she needs surgery. By the way I live in NY and my foot guy is YUMMY! I wish I grew something just to bask in his hunky glow.

    Have fun with the trainer. I cannot believe I am commenting on someones personal diary and I am Gabriella, anonymous no more.


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