Friday, August 10, 2007

As it turns out, I don't actually like long walks in the rain.

My pal L. came and visited with her daughter--even though they were here last year. A vote of confidence, yay! I'm not the world's worst hostess!

L. likes to go for walks. We always brought our cameras. L. has a fine eye for the picturesque.
So from time to time she ordered me to take a picture.

Above: a window filled with cranberry glass. Below: part of a headstone from a local cemetery.
It was lovely. But the clouds looked threatening.

Just after I took this picture

of the oldest house I've seen yet, the rain clouds burst open and we scurried to hide under a tree. We ended up under a little place that was sticking out over someone's garage door.

A few vans passed. I wondered what was wrong that these people didn't ask us if we needed help, but I figured it was because they were commercial vans and didn't have time. I decided to flag down the next car. The driver might have a cell phone.

A car came by. A van, but a passenger van. It was That Stud Muffin I Married come to rescue us. He'd driven all over the island looking for us.

He took us to the lobster place where we bought half a dozen lobsters.

All ended well.


  1. Is that you with the gorgeous red hair?

    Mmmm, lobstah.

    Sorry the New Englanders were so typically New England-ish.

  2. Unfortunately, that is not me with the gorgeous red hair. That is my gorgeous friend L.

    I'm the much drabber bird holding the camera.

  3. Don't listen to her Major B, she's GORGE-GUS!

    Also? Yet another example of how SMITTEN that Young Stud she married is over her. (Seriously, borderline pukey if you catch it in person on an empty stomach.)


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