Friday, August 10, 2007

New semi-daily feature: the Plat du Jour

Did you know that EITHER New Hampshire OR Illinois has the highest per capita occurence of vanity license plates? You didn't?

Well, I order you to be grateful that I called your attention to this fascinating fact. And for your amusement or at least edification, I'm going to be posting pictures.

I call this new feature the Plat du Jour because I'm hilarious that way, what with the word play and the French and all.

And so ... voila. The first plate.


It's tuna.


  1. I love vanity plates. I'm a weirdo. But when they're clever, I get a little frisson of pleasure.

  2. No no no. They are poker players.

  3. Here I thought it was Virginia. Maybe they were the ones that started the craze?

    Very fun. PA is clearly NOT one of the top states.

  4. Actually, I did know this and I said so in the last post that had a picture of a NH license plate :)

    Keep em' commin

  5. I was totally thinking...bluffing. But then again, I play poker.


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