Monday, August 20, 2007

More. Of. The. Same.

Today my in-laws came by. And my sister was already here--as she has been for almost a week.

We all went out to a used bookstore.

I know, I know. This is beginning to sound like a Talking Heads album: More Songs about Visitors and Shawpin.

But at least my mother-in-law asked my sister when she's leaving. And it's tomorrow. So I'll have the house back to normal soon. And my daughter will have her room back.

Anyway, we went to Drake Farm. It's a massive place--a huge old barn filled with books. Two resident cats, some antiques, old chairs to sit in and read, a couple of donkeys out back. I went a bit mental in the cookbook and interior decorating sections. After lunch my in-laws went home, and my sister and I went to Christine's Crossing in Rye to ogle antiques. And buy a few things, too. Mostly old magazines, but also a funny I Love Lucy flowered hat covered in pink roses.

Yes, I should post pictures. I took tons, you know. But honestly, people; I never get a moment. It's frowned upon to sit there using your laptop while people are visiting, did you know that?

It sucks.

More later. I need to get rid of my visitors. And get un-Simpsonized.

(Why did they give me such big hands? Who can type with these sausages? It's not fair. Marge doesn't get stuck with sausage fingers.)


  1. Hey, your Simpson self really does look like you: Especially the hands!

    I'm still wondering how the Simpsonizing wizards know that most of my non-summer wardrobe is black.

  2. We all know that you have absurdly dainty hands in your other avatar.

  3. That bookstore sounds like heaven, and a great thing to do with out-of-town guests. Personally, I always use guests as an excuse to do things I don't get to do normally - visits to bookstores, sewing stores, knitting stores, whatever.

    How do you get an avatar and manage to put it on your blog? I'm stymied.

  4. Wait...used bookstores with cats?





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