Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today's visitors will find me locked in my bedroom reading Dostoevsky

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  1. Pops, our results appear to be backward. Mine came up as ESFP, "The Entertainer". Now I can't get that annoying song out of my head.

    And IQ tests? I've taken many and they all give me the same score, which is awesome. The bad part is that it looks like I keep missing ONE freaking question and I don't know what it is. SO close to being really impressive. The story of my life!

  2. Which novels?

    Crime and Poppyness

    The Brothers Mamarazzi

    The Blogger

    Notes from the Blogosphere

    The House of the Buxoms

    The Possessed (By a Need to Blog)

  3. When I did this in college, I was ENTJ. When I did it a few weeks ago (16 years after college), I was INTJ. I can't even imagine what it will be in another 16 years.

  4. Well, if ya gotta be locked in your room, it may as well be with Dostoevsky!

  5. So all the tests say that I'm the smartest person in the world! Yay me!

    Oh wait. I think I dreamt that.

  6. No matter how many times in my life I've taken the Myers Briggs Personality test, and they are legion, I ALWAYS come out INTJ. There aren't a lot of us out there, but we usually are great writers.

  7. You are SO the introvert.



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