Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NaBloPoMo 7: 175.2, or, In which I out myself

I didn't think I could make it to this week's Weight Watcher's meeting because I had to take my daughter to the pediatrician for a walk-in visit, and you just never know how that will go. I mean, the cold and flu season is starting up, and who knows how many walk-ins there will be, or how much time we're going to have to spend in an examining room, reading bad magazines and listening to a baby wail two doors down?

(Personally, I feel extremely lucky not to be live-blogging from the pediatrician's waiting room.)

But hey! We got out pretty quickly, so before we went to pick up her prescription, I let her sit in the van (watching Madonna's Immaculate Collection videos on my iPod)* while I ran in and got weighed.

Good news! I lost another 1.8 pounds and now weigh 175.2, for a total loss so far of 17.6 pounds.

The weird thing is how happy I am to weigh 175 pounds.

Women keep so many secrets. They hide their age, their weight, the number of lovers they've had, their bra size, and their IQ ... but not your Poppy!

I freely admit that my weight, in pounds, is currently higher than my IQ.

Let's talk numbers, shall we?

135: what I weighed when I reached my full height in 10th grade
150: what I weighed my senior year, when I broke up with my first boyfriend--the one who used to bug me about my weight
163: what I weighed when I graduated from high school
150: my fighting weight in college, when I swam half a mile a day, lifted weights, and walked everywhere I went
148: what I weighed when I met my husband
180: what I weighed nine years later when I got pregnant with our son (1994)
211: what I weighed when I delivered him (1995)
170: what I weighed six weeks later (1995)
200: what I weighed when I delivered my daughter (1997)
160: what I weighed six weeks later (1997)
178: what I weighed when I went on the South Beach Diet (2003)
146: what I weighed about three months later
193: what I weighed when I started Weight Watchers (2007)
175: what I weigh now.

Looking at these numbers, I can see that 160 pounds is a perfectly reasonable weight-loss goal, as long as I'm not planning to sit around on my ass all day long. Even 150 is attainable, as long as I ditch the car, walk everywhere I go, only eat food I've grown myself, go to the gym five days a week, stop drinking, and become a lumberjack.


Sorry to be so boring, yet up close and personal--revealing, even. But don't worry. I don't foresee any posts about the ups and downs of my bra size. Or my IQ.

* Oh, the irony of watching over her body like a hawk, and then corrupting her girlish world view with my god-awful work-out video crack.


  1. I didn't find it boring at all.
    You are using the blog as your VEHICLE OF ACCOUNTABILITY.

    Can you add a bar graph?

  2. I like the bar graph idea. And you are reminding me that I need to start checking my number again and admitting to myself that I have lost a lot of ground since I stopped going to WW. I need to get back on track (yes, I keep saying that).

  3. You know how there are all these complicated baseball statistics these days, like on base plus slugging percentage (OPS), or walks plus hits per inning (WHIP)? There is a little-known statistic, the Woman's Secret Index. Take your age, multiply it by your weight, subtract the number of lovers you've had, divide by your bra size, and add your IQ. The result is your WSI.

    (When it comes to how many lovers you've had, there is a separate number determined by the ratio of how many bases were reached. And if many of these relationships were sordid pick-ups, you can compute your slutting percentage.)

  4. I'm not going to lose weight or even keep it steady by just thinking about exercising? Damn.

    If you can work in a weigh-in with trips to the doctor, I suppose I can get my lazy ass over to the gym.

  5. Even though I am kind of ambivalent about dieting, having gotten an "F" in it a couple of times now, I totally heart these posts. Totally.

  6. If you blogs were boring we wouldn't be reading. And any weight loss plan for which you have to stop drinking? Would sucketh mightily!

  7. One of the many things I appreciate you is your honesty. It's the rare woman who will freely confess numbers such as these. I won't even tell my husband how much I weigh and he's the last person in the world who would judge me or love me any less.

  8. Poppy - what's your gym routine? Are you stictly cardio, or are you doing weights as well?

  9. email and tell me cuz I am trying to be less fat.

  10. OK, I'm playing catch-up over here as I thought it had only been a day or so from visiting Poppyland but clearly it's been like, two.

    I just outed myself on Boombalardy. I haven't lost nearly as much as you having started a week behind you, but I'm not gymming it yet and I'm still baking.

    I have nothing else to add, except GOOD.ON.YOU. for how well you're tracking. GOOD.ON.YOU!


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