Monday, December 24, 2007

FedEx is my new boyfriend.


Because he just showed up with this:

A red iPod Nano. Which is my daughter's Christmas present. Let me remind you, in case you haven't been keeping score: Christmas is tomorrow.

Now, ordinarily, I don't panic when a Christmas present shows up late. My daughter's birthday is in January, so anything that shows up late can transmagicallymogrify into a birthday present.
Same present, different wrapping paper. Bingo!

I believe the Catholics call this "transubstantiation."

So, anyway, as I was saying before I wandered into a theological digression, ordinarily I wouldn't mind if changing the iPod into a birthday present. Except for one thing. In a fit of mushiness, I had opted to have the iPod engraved with a Merry Christmas message. And this would look extremely lame on a birthday gift that got handed over in January.

So when the truck pulled up to deliver the iPod, I wanted to kiss the driver. But I restrained myself.

I did treat him to the sight of all 175 pounds of me magnificently arrayed in mis-matched pink pajamas, though. For which I'm sure he is very grateful.


  1. I'm sure the sights and sounds before Christmas make the delivery guys' jobs so much better.

    Happy holidays to all of the Buxoms.

  2. Christmas Cheers to the Buxoms!

  3. Merry Merry Christmas Christmas, because you and yours deserve double!


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