Monday, December 03, 2007

Its the Most! Craptastical! Time of the Year

The Long and Winding Home Renovation Project is finally coming to an end. This photograph will give you an idea of what I'll be dealing with this week.

Not currently under construction. Although you can't tell.
A room that is not being renovated. Although you can't tell.

The downstairs bathroom is 95 percent finished; so is my daughter's bathroom.

And this? Is my gracious dining room.
My lovely dining room

The kitchen is too, except for the fact that I got all pissy and stamped my little foot and screamed that the granite they installed wasn't good enough for the Buxoms. They'll be swapping it for stuff that is good enough. If they know what's good for them, that is.

And then, there will be the installing of cabinet handles and last little details like that.

But! The post construction clean up crew is scheduled to show up on Thursday. And we are planning to move back into the house on Friday.

This means that much organization will be occurring this week. The cupboards, for example, and the putting back of dishes therein. The realization that said cupboards were full of a lot of stupid, useless, crap, and the subsequent foisting of said stupid, useless crap on several innocent charities.

Unfortunately, since Christmas is coming (have you noticed?) this is also a week packed with special events. For example, I'll be performing idiotic Christmas songs with one of my singing groups. Envy me, blogosphere, for I will be doing my amazing Eartha Kitt routine as I perform "Santa, Baby" for the Blue Haired League, a/k/a The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Illinois. Because, blogosphere, there's nothing I enjoy more than purring a sexy, vampy song to a bunch of women. Who are as old as my mother.

Also, there's gingerbread house making with the Girl Scouts tomorrow. The continental breakfast for my son on Tuesday, to celebrate his making the Academic Honor Roll at his school, and my daughter's winter concert that evening. Meaning that I will spend about 12 hours hovering in the general vicinity of my kid's school. When I'm not filling landfills with dried-out markers, glitter glue, and chipped dishes. Then there's my kids' purple belt test at karate on Wednesday.

I could go on, but I'll spare you.

See, internet? Just because NaBloPoMo is over doesn't mean I won't be able to enthrall you with descriptions of my exciting life. I'm generous that way. And if anyone wants a dried up marker or some plaster dust--just say the word.


  1. A true and important note:
    purchase the Dyson AFTER reno cleanup. The manual strongly suggests not sucking up plaster dust.
    I shit you not.

  2. Ooh! An actual genuine dried up marker from the Buxom household? That's a serious artifact that should be preserved for posterity.

    [surveying the general chaos and shit in my own house...]

    Then again, no one should save that much stuff. Perhaps I should join you in the de-crapping process this week and get as much stuff out of my house before the 25th as possible.


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