Thursday, January 10, 2008

Diet update: The good news is the scale said 174.

The bad news is the scale I used is the lying-sack-of-shit bathroom scale that I estimate is off by six pounds.

So I'll say I weigh 180. I'm actually relieved. Somehow I pictured myself as having gained every one of the 18 pounds I lost back. Mind you, that would have involved spending my Christmas vacation eating something like 3,000 extra calories a day, which, while not impossible, takes some doing. Training, even. You know, like someone getting ready to enter a pie-eating contest.

You know, I thought I was being whimsical when I typed that last sentence, but on second thought, I'm not. For a real eye-opener, check out this week's People magazine--the January 14th issue with the people on the cover who had lost half their weight. There's an article where they show what these people used to eat on a typical day, and what they eat now. Teresa Williams used to weigh 310 pounds. And Teresa Williams really did used to eat 10,000 calories a day. Want to know what that would entail? From Page 97:

Breakfast: 6 cinnamon rolls and a large chocolate milk

Lunch: 1 entire box of Lucky Charms and a half-gallon of milk

(OK, so at least she didn't have to worry about getting enough calcium. Plus, let's face it: when you weigh that much, simply walking around is weight-bearing exercise.)

Dinner: 2 Taco Bell half-pound burritos, 2 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Snacks: 2 brownies, 8 fried mozzarella sticks, 12 jalapeno poppers with ranch dressing, 1/2 gallon ice cream

At 5' 8", Teresa Williams now weighs 150 and is a size 8. I do not, and am not.

But I'm still down 13 pounds from when I started Weight Watchers. I don't have to panic that I've given away a lot of my size 16 clothes.

Basically, I'm only a few bowls of oatmeal--and 10,000 hours on the treadmill--away from my goal.


  1. Okay, if I ate 6 cinnamon rolls and a large chocolate milk, I'd be done eating for the day I'd feel so sick and full. That article should really talk about the freaky ability for the human body to expand to take in so much, well, we'll call it food for now, but really? That's not food! Unless they were homemade rolls from scratch and I'm betting good money that they weren't.

  2. I like reading about people's weight loss and how they do it...and then thinking about doing it myself. Then, thats about as far as I get with the whole process. Must. Get. Motivated.

  3. I am fascinated by people who eat like that. There's a show on BBC America where this chick has people write down everything they've eaten in the previous week, then she goes and gets all that stuff and lays it out on a huge table. And the people are always horrified to realize that they've had 14 servings of french fries, a bunch of donuts and burgers, and their only vegetable for the week was a pickle. That show is my crack, man.

  4. I love that show too, Badger...

    I want to know how Teresa had the will power to eat only two peanut butter cups at snack time.

  5. LMAO Blackbird I was wondering the same thing. I saw that and thought did she mean two *Bags* of them? And Poppy hon... when the scale lies in your favor? You should just go with it.

  6. sweet jesus. and here i am feeling guilty because i ate a whole Cadbury fruit-and-nut bar last night (and that's all blackbird's fault anyway...)

  7. pops, I'l leave a longer comment but I've got to get the muffins out of the oven.

    You think I'm kidding, don't you.

    Now I feel so ashamed I've got to gorge myself on every one of them.

  8. About two weeks after I started WW, I discovered that my scales were light by six pounds. It was a low moment, I tell you. I have new scales now and it's pathetic how much I adore them.

    I'll have to pick up People, if for no other reason than motivation.

    Just think about how great you're going to look this summer!

  9. Costco has a WW sale on scale this month for $17.99. They're never exactly like the ones they use at the meetings but you can calibrate them.

  10. I only weigh myself at meetings. I can't bear to do it every day. I gained a little less over the holidays than I had thought, but it was still enough to make my jeans uncomfortably snug. It all lands right on my middle.

  11. I can EASILY eat an extra 3000 calories a day. No big fat problem what-so-evuh.


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