Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Lenten Light Bulb

Today I went over to Sarah O's blog and read about her passion for Hershey's Reese's eggs.

And it struck me. That's what I should give up for Lent! Easter candy!

See, for some reason, it wouldn't actually occur to me to eat Easter candy until the day itself. This is probably because while I like candy as much as the next fat American, I don't buy it for myself.

I do buy it for my kids, though. Or for other people's kids, as in Halloween. But even when I do that, the candy stays in the bag until it's time to put it in baskets, stockings, or the lobster kettle I use as a Halloween candy holding doohickey because I'm a cheap bastid from New England who wouldn't spend money on one of those cutesie Halloween-themed bowls.

So actually, giving up Easter candy for Lent would be a really painless sacrifice. Which is naturally, my favorite kind. But if I play my cards right--say, spend a little extra time hovering around the candy section of Walgreen's--I can even feel all deprived and virtuous and shit like that.

So get behind me jellybeans

and Cadbury Creme Eggs

and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

and Peeps

Because I'm going to resist you until Easter Sunday.

But just to prove that I'm open-minded when it comes to OTHER PEOPLE'S GLUTTONY, Sarah? This is an early Easter gift for you that I found on the Hershey's web site.

Look closely--Hershey's totally has your number.


  1. How giving up something you enjoy makes life any better is completely beyond my Unitarian heart and mind.

  2. You can keep your chocolate and your marshmallow. Just don't get near mah peeps.

  3. And then the day after, you can go buy it all half price and eat twice as much.

  4. Why is that Easter bunny saying 'cluck cluck'?

  5. i am still gorging on my valentine's cinnamon crunchy hearts...

  6. OH. MY. GOD. I'm drooling all over my dear little Mac.

    Thank you for finding and posting the wonderful (truly, it is filled with wonders) pic! It's good to see that Hershey's is finally acknowleging my years of loyal addiction.

  7. I'm with Blackbird. Why is suffering necessary?

  8. Kim:

    I am shocked. SHOCKED. I thought Cadbury was an English company. At least, until they were in some manner partially acquired by Hershey.

    Does this mean the Easter bunny only clucks in America?

    You have missed much, my friend.

  9. blackbird and jen on the edge:

    When we give up something for Lent, we are in some small way emulating the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert.

    Our much smaller daily sacrifice keeps us mindful of Christ's much greater sacrifice.

    We hope that this will bring us closer to Jesus. And make us better Christians.

    (Well, you asked.)

  10. My mother always gave up ice water and men for Lent.

    Fortunately before she was married, or I probably wouldn't be here (my birthday being in November and all).

    Lucky for me, with my secondary allergies, most candy is verboten anyway, but when I was about 10 I ate one of those chocolate-covered coconut Easter eggs (the kind that are so big you have to slice them to eat them) in a single day.

    I don't think I wanted much of the rest of my Easter basket after that.


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