Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sarah O Tagged Me.

But I've already done the six-word meme. I even used a six-word title, which was so clever that no one noticed.

Sheesh! What's the point of blogging every day if no one reads you?

I mean, honestly, now I'm feeling all existential and shit. Whatever "existential" means. I don't really know. I just sort of vaguely remember something about 1950s French authors who used simple language to express deep thoughts, and thus, were perfect fodder for high school French classes. And high school was a long time ago. But here goes--a deep thought for you:

If a tree falls down in the forest, and no one sees it, should I blog about it?


  1. And what is the sound of one blog clapping?

  2. Yes, but you're so GOOD at the six word story - I want more!

    But I'll give you a bye and let you enjoy Malibu and nice bathroom soaps.

    Do you know that Merv Griffin owned the BH Hotel? Of course you did.

    And I do hope you get some good cell phone pictures of Mamarazzi bait.


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