Friday, April 25, 2008

Hanging up my clean laundry in public

I swear to God, all I did today was laundry.

OK, I also went for a two-hour walk through Newtopia with my friend J. But then I came home and started doing laundry and it never seemed to stop. Wash, dry, fold, put away, repeat.

So I'm doing Sarah O's Six thing meme.

This is where I announce six random things about myself. So here goes:

1. I'm not afraid of bugs, spiders, snakes, the dark, having the house broken into, or public speaking. (I'll bet that last came as a huge surprise. HUGE.)

2. I am afraid of heights, mice, scary amusement park rides, and driving late at night on a two lane highway when I'm surrounded by eighteen-wheelers.

3. Being the last by whom the new is tried, I am catching up with this whole "television" thing. For a while it was all House all the time, but tonight I decided to try Inspector Morse. Did you know that the first Inspector Morse programs aired in 1987? I really don't fool around when it comes to putting things off.

4. I don't like parties. I used to think it was a sort of low-level misanthropy, but now I realize it's fear of boredom. I tend to find myself the most interesting person in the room, and if I'm going to be amused primarily by my own thoughts, why go out?

5. I was green back when it was called "conservation." My formative years were spent reading books about how we got the Dust Bowl. Erosion of the topsoil, people. Then the 1970s energy crisis happened. Then we got yuppies, shop 'til you drop, and boatloads of cheap imports from China. But honestly, I never got past the topsoil.

6. I'm of English descent and wildly anglophilic--the literature, the television shows, the humor. Sorry--humour. Except for when it comes to liquor. My idea of hell is facing a life where I'm supposed to drink scotch, gin, or ale.

If you're doing Blog365, consider yourself tagged.


  1. One of my kids had to teach me about the dust bowl the other day.

  2. You should try looking at They have all these random shows on there that you can watch for free, if you don't mind suffering through a few ads.

  3. Morse! We love him (and he makes a far better curmudgeon than House). We've seen every one. Two other outstanding British crime shows: Cracker (not the crummy American rip-off, but the one with Robbie Coltrane a.k.a Hagrid) and the Prime Suspect series with the redoubtable Helen Mirren.


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