Monday, July 07, 2008

Well, that was a first.

Tonight I was hauling a load of darks out of the washing machine, and I was seeing the usual suspects: my son's dark green t-shirt with turtles on it from Sebastian, FL; his impossibly long thin pair of black jeans ; a black Talbot's Mom t-shirt* when I saw it:

a tube of Colgate toothpaste.

And I'm just a little puzzled trying to figure out how it got into my washing machine.

Of course, if it means that my son is walking around carrying tubes of toothpaste in his pocket ... I guess that's a good thing. I mean, dental hygiene is very important.

But tell me. And be gentle.

Teenagers aren't huffing toothpaste these days, are they?

* You've heard of Mom jeans, right? Well, way ahead of you, people. Mom t-shirts are a bit boxy, cut to conceal back fat, and have sleeves long enough to cover upper arm batwings. You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you? It's a phenomenon you'd sort of noticed, but never articulated. I said what you'd been thinking. You're welcome.


  1.'s still just for fresh minty breath, and I think they carry deodorant around too. Well, mine did, and the youngest still does sometimes.

  2. I wear my mom t-shirt like a badge of honor. Also, the slightly longer sleeves help to de-accentuate the overlarge bosom area.

  3. Toothpaste is vital to taking out the scratches from DVDs and CDs.


  4. But what FLAVOR Colgate? Is he using it just for dental hygiene or because he's kissing that girl down the street and wants to WOW her with the minty freshness or the hot cinnamon?

    Um, sorry. I tried to be gentle, but I got caught up in the moment.

    Oh, and keep seeing the Maharini of Massage - you'll be selling those mom t-shirts on eBay.

  5. Mon Dieu! Is that a tube of Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste (fights tartar build up, whitens teeth, effective against TB Breath), or are you just glad to see me?

    Oh, and get your Hans off me, you feelthy peeg.

    [Clavdia Chauchat to Hans Castorp, from Der Zauberberg,translated from the French]

  6. I have Mom-polo-shirts. Because I'm more formal, I guess.

  7. You can mix other chemicals with toothpaste to make a dangerous psychoactive substance. Chemicals like LSD, for example.

  8. I do know exactly what you're talking about with the Mum T shirt thing. I just wish my Mum would wear them. She's wearing skank t shirts instead.

  9. Turtles from Fla? I LOVE TURTLES. Tony made me say that. He loves that stupid utube vid. xoxo Claire

  10. Very true about the mom tees. I just wish they made them LONGER to cover tummy rolls.


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