Saturday, August 16, 2008

One small step for Poppy.

I usually don't do a whole lot when I'm in New Hampshire. But it's so picturesque around here that if you read my August blog entries, you can't tell.

I take pictures of the cute little 18th century houses, window box plants, peoples' gardens, the seacoast ... so in a single hour's walk I can come up with material for several blog entries.

This is not happening this year. All I have is words, and as that Extreme song you always hear at weddings puts it, you need "more than words."

The problem is my camera. It's not working. And it's fully charged. I'm wondering whether I need a new battery. But in the meantime, I can't take pictures.

Not even when I actually get off my duff and go somewhere. Yesterday we drove to Charlestown and visited the U. S. S. Constitution. Which might not strike you as all that fascinating, but I haven't spent the past several years buried up to my earlobes in Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin novels without developing a taste for the Age of Sail. And being a strong-minded woman, I'm more than capable of dragging my entire family through a complete tour of the ship, the National Parks Service gift shop, the Constitution Museum, their gift shop, with a short stop to gawk at the oldest dry dock in the United States. I know! How fascinating!

But they knew that if I heard even a hint of protest, I'd keelhaul them.

And I took all kinds of pictures--with my husband's camera. Because my camera isn't working. And now? My husband tells me that his left the computer cable in Illinois. So I can't upload any photographic proof of the cruel and unusual punishment my family has suffered at my hands.

So. A lot of good that will do this blog entry.

As for the rest of my vacation, it's been one long cycle of cooking and eating. I'm up to my earlobes in seafood.

Also my family will be descending on me tomorrow.

Wednesday we go to Rhode Island to visit my husband's family.

And after that, we're going to land on the moon.

(Well, what the hell. All of this could be a complete fabrication on my part. So, since I can offer no evidence whatsoever that anything I mention is real, I might as well do it right.)


  1. That reminds me - I have a great story about our visit to the USS Constitution 5 years ago. Must blog about it...

    Where are you headed in Rhode Island? We spent a year in Newport.

  2. If it'd help, I could post MY photos from our trip to the USS Constitution, although that took place in late January and not early August, so there may be more frost and snow.


  3. There is not a doubt in my mind you could make a dry-dock tour hysterical and interesting, Poppy!

  4. Earlobes is good. So far you can still breathe. Unless you have, I don't know, freakishly high ears? Careful of that moon time. I understand you need some serious sunblock up there.

  5. I was at the USS Constitution the day before you.

    Did you get the cute little brown-haired tour guide girl who has been in the Navy 11 years? How could she have been doing anything for 11 years, I want to know.

  6. My husband's camera has a 3.5" floppy disk drive (hush - I said his CAMERA!) - but none of our computers do.

    So they pretty much stay on the camera and disk into infinity.

  7. suburbanC: Warwick, RI, home of ... my in-laws.

    Joke: You are an idiot.

    Susie Sunshine: You flatter me. BTW I love your new 'do.

    MAM: Thanks for the tip about sunscreen; I would have forgotten it and gotten a terrible burn.

    kathyr: YES! We did! She did a great job telling us about the battle with the HMS Guerriere (sorry to my British and Commonwealth readers, but we KICKED YOUR ASSES.)

    ree: OMG, just when I think I'm the biggest luddite who ever drew breath, I hear a story like that and feel much better.


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