Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation; the "So Far" edition

drove to New Hampshire
admired the scenery
cleaned up the kitchen
walked around cute little downtown Portsmouth
cleaned up the kitchen
stayed up late
slept late
visited the cheese shop
visited the fishmonger's
raided the library
ate clams, cod, swordfish, and fish chowder
ate Grape Nut ice cream
cleaned up the kitchen
ate Hood Cottage Cheese with Chive
watched my children eat ice cream
cleaned up the kitchen
watched Spider-Man
watched Spider-Man 2
cleaned up the kitchen
listened to my daughter play Super Smash Brothers Brawl
bought school supplies
cleaned up the kitchen

I think I could go on vacation anywhere and be perfectly happy, as long as I get to sleep late, eat well, and someone else cleans up the fucking kitchen once in a while.

Because the thing about vacation is they're always around. EATING.

And the proof is all over the kitchen counters.


  1. Sometimes I clean the kitchen once in the morning and once in the evening and just let it go to hell during the day. Sometimes I only clean it in the morning.

    It would be boring to be perfectly happy.

  2. This is why I spend my vacations in hotels. :-)

    Grape Nuts cereal? Are you kidding?

  3. This is why this is not called a vacation. It is a trip.

  4. You need an all inclusive vacation. I don't know WHAT the hell to call what you've experienced. It sure doesn't sound like a vacation to me. Home away from home, maybe?

  5. 1- Carol is right on this Trip vs. Vacation issue. Which is I have so often told you my own bad self.

    2- Grape cream?


  6. Even though I live by myself, I'm always swearing and cussing at the mess the kitchen's in.

    You can't vacation from it either.



  7. believe the term is second home... as in home away from home.... or as I likes to call it ... nuthin changes
    oughta buy stud muffin a crowbar for his wallet... eat out and actually make it chore free for all.
    y'all likes to stay indoors at home, hire cook, they clean up real nice.

  8. Yes, this is a trip, not a vacation, per se, except I don't have to pack lunch for anyone, there's no homework, I get to sleep as late as I want, I didn't need to deal with airport security, and I get to do fun stuff like clamber all over Old Ironsides. So it's not a trip like "we're going to my husband's boss's daughter's wedding."

    And all of this staying in hotels people are suggesting gets really crazy when your kids whine about having nothing to do. Or bicker right under your nose. This way I can send them to their rooms.

    Also, the kitchen cleaning thing only makes me crazy because of the snacks and staggered eating times. I get it clean and right away someone comes in and starts eating cheese and crackers or grabbing a piece of fruit or making espresso and BINGO, messed up AGAIN.

    And yes, Grape Nuts ice cream. It's a Maine thing.

  9. The lady doth protest too much, methinks

  10. Well, I forgot that part about the BAT that was flapping around my HOUSE earlier tonight. If that makes you feel better about the whole trip v. vacation thing. I mean, I'm sure if I were staying at the Four Seasons, I wouldn't be cowering in my daughter's room hiding from a flying rodent.

  11. oh Poppy quite a scare whatever roof you are under those creatures carry... er uh..... most towns insist on removing those critters for you then disinfect any rooms visited


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