Sunday, August 31, 2008

An open letter to Madonna

Dear Skeletor:

I'm taking my kids to see you in concert on October 26th. I realize you're English now and might not remember, but that's very close to Halloween. My daughter is a sensitive child who has been known to have nightmares.

So Madge, do me a favor; eat a bagel. Or two. And put the weights down. I'm begging you.

Because this is not a good look

for a girl. And you're almost there. Except in drag.



  1. Huh. Remember waaaay back, when all we had to worry about was that her lingerie might put someone's eye out?

  2. OMG... Is that a recent pic of her?? Jeez Louise. She always takes everything to the extreme.

    I went to her concert XX years ago. (I'm afraid to do the Math.) At one point during the concert she came out with a big Boom Box and set it down on the stage. Took off her underwear, threw them into the audience and sat down on the Boom Box with her skirt hiked up. She then proceeded to introduce everyone to her "Box".

    I sure hope she doesn't still pull that kind of crap. For you and your kids' sake!

  3. Yikes! She needs to stop trying to find the Fountain of Youth and just chill.

  4. Now that is just wrong. We were not meant to be able to see each other's lymph nodes from a distance.

  5. I miss her curves. Don't real women have curves? She has turned into a fembot.


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