Saturday, August 30, 2008

Poppy Buxom's Day Off

Believe it or not, I got so wound up getting the kids back to school--and all the fun that entails--that I sort of forgot we had a three-day weekend coming up. And so here we are in the middle of it, not going anywhere or doing anything.

It's bliss. Plus I get to sleep late three days in a row! That never happens.

So anyway, we decided this weekend was the perfect opportunity to continue our home-schooling projects. I may not have mentioned it, but we're home-schooling our kids. Because I'm sure the public school curriculum is lovely, but it doesn't include really important material like Table Manners 101, and Introduction to Film: Chicago at the Movies.

So tonight we watched Ferris Bueller, which was partly filmed right here in Newtopia. Now, I didn't know that when I first saw the film. Sure, I recognized the big Chicago landmarks, but at that time, my outlook was very limited. Still, we grow and change, and now I'm hep to the suburban landmarks, too. And hey, our condo shows up in some of the long shots of skyscrapers!

I KNOW. I'm the coolest blogger you've ever read, right? And I manifest my coolness by jumping up, running up to the screen, and jabbing my finger on an apartment building. "See? There it is!"

It's almost as bad as the time I went to see Chinatown and my mother kept chirping "That's a '38 Packard!" I mean, even when [SPOILER ALERT] Faye Dunaway was getting her eye shot out, all my mother could talk about was the cars.

So anyway, we all enjoyed it, especially my son. The shots of Chicago were awesome. And hey! I'm pretty sure I used to drive past Cameron's house.

And Charlie Sheen, in his film debut? Was smoking hot.


  1. Husband and I are Up North, and on the way here, we spent a significant amount of time analyzing and arguing the literary merits and implications of Ferris Buehler's Day Off. It rocked.

  2. FBDO is one of those movies that I feel compelled to watch if I stumble across it. And the last time I saw it I looked for your condo.

  3. One of my favorite movies ever. The first time I saw it, I was in Chicago and my grandparents are extras in the parade scene -- because they too just happened to be visiting Chicago.

    I can't believe how young everyone looks in the a movie. Charlie Sheen (pre-hookers) looks like a baby. And look at pre-nose job Jennifer Grey! So much more character than now.

    20 years ago, the principal and secretary seemed so old to me and now I realize they were probably my age now. *sob*

  4. Would you believe, I've never seen it? Going to go put it in my queue, right now...

  5. I did that during The Dark Knight. "I walk there!" "I stayed there!" Hey, "I've eaten there"

    Of course, then I had to go find 29 S. LaSalle.


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