Monday, September 15, 2008

Either my son has a secret life as a figure skater

or his school wants to completely incapacitate me.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 2:45 a.m. in order to get him out of bed and up the street to board the bus at 3:15 to go to the airport to fly to Washington, DC, where he'll be taking part in the school's annual four-day patriotic gruelathon.

I thought the only people who had to do things like this were the parents of wee little ice-mice who are the bottom of the barrel when it comes time for assigning rink time at the local ice rink.

You may remember that Saturday morning 6:00 a.m. departure for the Music in the Parks competition followed by hours and hours at Six Flags Great America. This was a twelve-hour day, and as everyone knows, a day spent chaperoning the sixth grade boys, is a day without sunshine. Now for you, this might be only a link you won't click on, or perhaps a dim memory of a blog entry. But to me, this is Post Amusement Park Chaperonage Stress Syndrome material.

So I thought the school could do no worse.

But I was wrong.

Two-effing-forty-five in the ack emma, people!

I'm going to bed now.


  1. well it could be worse .. I just found out the hard way my husband is cheating on me and gutted all our finances.. now thats a wake up call

  2. I was just going to type "That's what husbands are for," in reference to getting up at 2:45 AM to drive kids places. But, considering anonymous's comment up there, I might be misunderstood.

    I'm sorry, anonymous. Hire an extremely good lawyer and take Mr. Casanova to the cleaners.

  3. Oh, Poppy, just wait until some ditzy parent shows up 45 minutes late for the bus and holds up everyone!


    Lilly Pulitzer piano

    Nothing to do with your post

  5. Yes, I too have been there. When Emily's middle school band did Disney World, all the parents had to get their kids to the school parking lot at 3:00 AM.

    Actually, it was kinda fun. Standing in your jammies, half asleep, in a cold dark parking lot can lead to serious bonding.

    Oh yeah, we picked the kids back up a week later in the same place at 1:00 AM. On a school/work night. Good times.

  6. That sucks big donkey balls! Hopefully you were able to crawl back into bed after it was all over.

  7. I was and did.

    And I'm sorry to say, Anonymous, that my husband did the actual ferrying to the school. For all I know, he was eyeing the local MILFS, but I was not about to go sob and cling to my son in front of all of them. I have my pride.

  8. That is pretty grim... we're having a difficult enough of a time adjusting to waking up at 6:15...

  9. 2.45? Not sure I'd bother going to bed first! I think I'd stay up and read. Glad you got to crawl back into bed.

  10. Hope all is well with the travel weary! At least it isn't EVERY that would be something.

    By the way, just found you and am looking forward to hearing more!


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