Sunday, September 14, 2008

I've been neglecting my inner introvert

You know how most bloggers eventually get around to posting an entry about how they don't really feel like blogging any more, that real life is keeping them so busy they don't have time, and they've said it all, anyway, and who needs all this navel-gazing?

Well, not me.

People who know me in real life always burst out laughing when I describe myself as introverted. And that's probably because in real life, I'm following people around like the Ancient Mariner, talking at them until their ears run blood, force-feeding them witticisms (or fart jokes--after all, even Homer nods) and making them pay attention to ME, ME, ME.

But then I need to go home and hole up for a while. As what's his name--that French smartypants--might have said, "Cultivez vos lil Green Patches."

In case you don't know what I'm referring to, that's an idiotic Facebook application. That I've been known to play with for hours at a time. (While listening to an audiobook. It's not that fascinating.)

Anyway. I've decided I need to pay stricter attention to the huge part of my personality that doesn't like to talk on the phone, doesn't want to go out to lunch, doesn't want to go to black tie events, etc., etc., etc. I'm going to blow off every social engagement I can get away with, because I need to conserve my strength for other things, like my house, my children, my husband, my horrible volunteer jobs, and my sanity.

The good thing is the internet will probably be seeing more of me than usual. At least, I hope you'll be pleased.


  1. I see your Green Patches and raise you WordTwist with a side dish of Pathwords.

  2. Attention - I think we all crave attention.

    "...even Homer nods..." - oh, that's good!

  3. Well shit. I'm about out of my mineral powder foundation and I was counting on dragging you to Ulta in the very near future. Now I'll have to wear a bag over my head when I walk the girls to school.

  4. Oh, but Wendy, I have Estee Lauder loot from the outlet 4U! So we really need to get together. Introversion or no introversion.


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