Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nation! Back-to-school is kicking my ass.

I keep thinking that I did nothing today. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Then I remembered that--in addition to the usual cooking and washing dishes household crap--I made the school lunches and walked them to school, cleaned out my desk and paid school bills, went to my voice lesson, took my daughter to her voice lesson, helped my daughter with homework, read a folder full of material about being a room parent, went to choir practice, wrote a Mamarazzi post, and fell into bed.

And that during the summer, eight of the above things weren't necessary. Yes, from school lunches to choir practice, summer is an idyllic season.

Well, it's over, and I'm out.


  1. But I thought you idolized Lynne Spears and wanted to be JUST like her. :-)

  2. Ha! When I think about the job she did raising her daughters, I want to run to the nearest jug of Clorox and bleach my brain.

    In fact, that's probably why I characterized her as a disease. Something about her brings out the judge-y disinfectant-drinker in me.

  3. Great post on Mamarazzi--what a horrid woman.
    I feel like you do when school starts.


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