Monday, October 27, 2008

From ho to wholesome

OK, so yesterday I was drinking champagne in a stretch limo (because what better way to head to the Madonna concert than as a reenactor of the "Music" video?) and then I was listening to Madonna and watching all the awesome stage-crafty showmanship things, and then I was getting kind of bored so my feet hurt so I was sitting down unable to see anything because everyone was standing except me, and then I was gathering together all eight members of our group and heading back to Newtopia and dropping everyone off and paying off the driver and falling into bed at 1:00 a.m.

And then today, I was heading to the Girl Scout store to buy Fun Patches to put in the Goodie Bags for the combined Juliette Low's Birthday/Halloween party I was running for my troop, so I was driving all over the place and picking out very marked down stickers and treat bags at Michaels and picking up the cake I ordered and carrying 30 pumpkins into the village house and then singing Happy Birthday to Juliette Low and then I was up to my elbows in pumpkin guts and then listening to my fellow leaders tell me what an awesome meeting that was.

So that's my life: a merry puddle of contrasts.

And I am too tired to blog about it any more, due to the above-mentioned 1:00 in the morning/crazy day combination.


  1. But the most important thing is: Was Madonna worth the ticket price? Is she still amazing?

  2. Hey, I played Juliette Low in my Girl Scout troop's play! I'd like to see Madonna play her. She would bring a fresh approach to Juliette, no?

  3. It's okay. You can always post a Madonna/whore joke later, after you get some rest. :)

  4. I think it's Madonna/Madonna syndrome.

  5. But at least you wore the right outfit to the right gig, right?

  6. Everybody say hooo...say ho! ho! And now let us prey - I mean pray - that Poppy fully recovers from her day of running the gamut between ho-ly Madge and wholesome role models.

    I should probably know who Juliette Low is. I was not a good girl scout.


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