Sunday, November 23, 2008

How do they know that George W. Bush's IQ is 125? And other questions.

1. I've started stockpiling non-perishable food, paper goods, and cleaning supplies. Is this an irrational reaction to the country's current financial crisis, and if so, will I get better soon? I ask because pretty soon I won't be able to get into my laundry room. Those eight-packs of paper towels are taking up a LOT of room.

2. When I got home from church today, my husband had baked a pecan pie AND fixed the broken drawer in the master bathroom AND cleaned up the kitchen AND bought and installed a new electrical outlet. Is it true, as I suspect, that he's just trolling for a really good Christmas present?

3. Speaking of Christmas, how much should I hate my neighbors for having their Christmas wreaths and garlands and lights up--some of which were installed by professionals? In my opinion, on a sliding scale between 1 and 10, this rates an 8. Am I being too harsh?

4. We're watching Grey's Anatomy on DVD. It's such a silly show. It's like a soap opera, but with flashes of humor, and much better production values, and with stories that make satisfying stand-alone narratives--except broadcast at night, and only once a week instead of every day. So OK, not that much like a soap opera. But just as silly. Should I be ashamed of how much I enjoy it?


  1. I like Greys too ... but how ridiculous is it that Denny is back hanging around? And neighbors that already have all their Christmas stuff up? Boo, hiss!

  2. I quit Greys after Cristina was left at the altar - cold turkey. It was too much, too stupid. I swore I would never turn it back on; I just quit and didn't look back.

  3. 3? definitely an 8. Hung by "professionals" rates a 9.

  4. I think the fact they have their Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving rates it a 9. Good they're your neighbors, and not mine, because I would probably sneak over there and rip it all down.

  5. Christmas stuff should not go up before the day after Thanksgiving. The end.

    I give it 10 out of 10.

  6. The installation by professionals rates a 10. Putting them up before Thanksgiving weekend rates an 8.

  7. 1. No (I dug up yard for two plant food, ferchristsake)
    2. Yes (But, seriously, for all that work, doesn't he deserve it?)
    3. No (Of course, our lights have been up for a week or so, but it was the last nice day - and they're not professionally installed - so you'd probably give me a 4.)
    4. I haven't ever seen it.


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