Monday, December 29, 2008

The 12 Days of Blogmas Contest, Day 5

It's a contest! The first person to correctly identify the following well-known Christmas carol wins either a Starbucks or iTunes gift card. Each word of the well-known song is represented by an image found on a Google search.

Leave a comment to enter.


  1. Away in a Manger?

    This is tough!

  2. It's Be Bra-ful In Your Cheery Home All Ye Brazen Insects!

  3. "Bug Kids Tapestry Bench!" My favorite carol!

  4. "Be uplifted and illuminated in your manger"...?

  5. B-Cup Byzantine Manger?

    Seriously, that Kids in the Hall photo...

  6. Amanda wins! It's a

    1. quilt block pattern called "Away"
    2. the Kids "In" the Hall
    3. an illuminated manuscript with the word "a" in its file name
    4. computer rendering of a "Manger."

    Congratulations, Amanda! Please email your snail mail address and choice of Starbucks or iTunes gift cards to

  7. Buttonbragh Virgin Mangerplanne--a traditional German carol from the 1400's.


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