Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12 Days of Blogmas, Day 6

On the sixth day of Christmas, your true Poppy gave to you ... another chance to win a $15 iTunes or Starbucks gift card by figuring out which carol is represented by these Googly images--where each image represents a word of the first line.

Good luck!


  1. "Go Tell It On The Mountain"!
    This is a very cool contest, but if I'm right, and first, and thus the winner, please allocate the gift card as a surprise from you to me to our beloved Fluid Pudding from whose blog your great comment led me to your place. Since I'm a first-time reader (though have bookmarked you for further perusal for sure) it wouldn't feel right claiming any sort of booty. But I think we would both have fun if you informed Angie that she's won a contest she didn't even enter (yet) :-)

  2. Carroll is correct.

    How the heck to you get any images for "it" or "the?"

    And is that Don Knotts?

  3. Carroll--I left her a comment telling her to come over here. And if that doesn't work, I'll stalk her on FaceBook. I'm nothing if not thorough.

    KathyR--That's easy. You Google the word "it" or "the" and then pick the picture you like best. Believe it or not, you get plenty to pick from, some very interesting. And no, it's not Don Knotts, although I totally see the resemblance. It's Robert Llewellyn in "How Do They Do It." Which, naturally, I've never watched.

    http://snurl.com/9aeqq [images_google_com]

  4. No way! NO WAY! You have no idea how smiley I am right now! Carroll? You're the coolest. And Poppy? You are also the coolest. Who would have thought two folks could share that honor?

    Thanks so much!

  5. Yeah, I only got it after I read the comments. :(

  6. NEVER, in the history of the world, has any puzzle been more challenging to me. GOOD GOD.

  7. Oh man. This is so hard. I hope you post the answers.

  8. OK, here's how it worked:

    Japanese ladies playing GO
    still from the French movie TELL No One
    still from the television show How Do They do IT
    proof that there is water ON Mars
    random image with THE in its file name
    and a picture of a MOUNTAIN

  9. How fun! Poppy, thanks for making that nice surprise work out so well. I'm all smiley too thinking about FP being smiley :-) Smiles all around!

    Happy New Year to you, and again -- GREAT contest!


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