Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bear with me, people.

I'm deep into the pre-Christmas concert a-go-go that is life with the Buxoms every December.

Check it out:

Last Thursday we went to hear our son's orchestra, and our son and daughter's chorus.

On Sunday my son and I had choir in the morning, followed by a church supper and carol sing that night for the whole family.

On Monday, in my guise as Girl Scout Leader, I conducted my daughter's troop in another bout of carol singing, this time at a local nursing home.

On Tuesday my vocal group had a concert in the suburbs.

Tonight, my vocal group concert had a concert in the city.

Tomorrow, my kids have another vocal concert.

Afterwards, we are going to run around and scream until our vocal chords are completely lacerated, then do a bunch of shots. OK, that last part is maybe just me.

So after tomorrow night I can come back to the internet and hang out with you lovely people.

But right now, I'm sung out. On top of which, I have a terrible cold. I've been on DayQuil or NyQuil for about 24 hours. Which makes me really weird.

Don't believe me? This was yesterday's post, in which I solved the world-wide wrapping paper crisis.


  1. Coming from a non-singing household, all that music and merriment is bewildering to me.

  2. Either you guys LOVE to sing or you're really gutton for punishment. 24 hours of Nyquil??? How did that really turn out?

  3. Mr Buxom must love it when you get dressed up in your Girl Guide outfit.


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