Monday, December 08, 2008

Images of Meme; Part Deux

OK, I did this meme about a year ago, but frankly, I'm desperate.

If I had a day where I actually got to sit and blog while my synapses were still firing, you might possibly get some half-way intelligent blogging out of me. But this whole blogging adventure keeps happening after the dinner and the wine-drinking and the television episode watching, and when I get upstairs and put my warm, cozy MacBook on my lap and squish in amongst the upholstered headboard and the pillows ... I start to lose it. Fast.

So you're getting a meme, and pardon me if you vaguely remember having often walked down this street before.

The uncredited Google images meme. Taken from daysgoby.

Age at my next birthday:

Place I'd like to travel:

Place I've been:

Favorite food:

(If this doesn't bring in the internet perverts, my name isn't Poppy Buxom.)*

Place I was born:

Place I live:

(Control yourself; this is not my beautiful McMansion.)

Name of past pet:

Best friend's nickname:

It's true. We are.

My first name:

That's right. My first name is Elvis. Or wedding cake. Or I Must
Be the Bride because it Looks Like I've Got a Snowman on My Head.


First job:

With some luck, it won't be my last job.

* Actually it isn't.


  1. Something told me I should read your blog from home this morning. Good thing I listened.

  2. I will always call you Poppy.

  3. There is a Coach bag on Ebay that is screaming your name (and color).....

  4. So, happy birthday in a few days, I guess, hunh?



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