Sunday, December 14, 2008

It was easier when you just changed their diapers and put them back into their cribs

I'm OK with arranging my social life; I'm OK with dealing with my children's social lives. But the latest phase is one where they're too old for babysitters, yet can't really stay home by themselves.

So for Saturday night--because we had tickets for Madame Butterfly--instead of calling the agency and getting a babysitter, I arranged two sleep-overs for my kids. Well, what with the phone calls and the packing and the transportation and the little hostess gift for the hostess, and the phone calls and the picking up in the morning? In addition to getting dressed up, picking the menu for dinner in the Graham Room, finding the valet parking ticket, driving to the city and back?

Mr. President? Call me. I'm ready to take over a big-three car company. Maybe not GM, but definitely Chrysler.


  1. But how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

  2. Actually, it was AWESOME. Which is why I didn't mention it in a post devoted to non-stop bitching and moaning.

  3. With your mad skillz, you should take over ALL THREE of the Big Three. Consolidation. I can see it.

  4. Hey! If you get to take over Chrysler, can I get a free ride on what's left to pay on my little Avenger?


  5. Hostess gifts for a sleepover? Your children are welcome at my house any night.


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