Monday, January 26, 2009

It was kind of like going grocery shopping while hungry, except more expensive.

OK, so I had a bunch of stuff to do today.

For one thing, my 12-year-old daughter had a sleepover birthday party on Saturday night, and her guests found her stash of Glamorous Dress Up Accessories, including two bright red feather boas that a friend sent us once in the mistaken belief that we would make a darling Mother/Daughter draq queen/drag princess. Instead, in a rare moment of maturity, I let my daughter take both boas.

Well, exactly what you'd expect to happen when you combine a bunch of 12-year-olds and two bright red feather boas happened. And now my entire house is covered in feathers.

In addition to dealing with the feathers, today's plans also included a much-needed gym work-out, a few piles of laundry, and some correspondence. Basically, that was supposed to be my day.

But then the long-awaited Mamarazzi update started happening, and if you think I was seeing red, what with the feathers all over the floor, you should have seen me then. Because it wasn't going all that well.

Then the mail showed up with my children's grades. I'm not saying their grades were disappointing or below par, and there's nothing wrong with growing up to become a school bus driver like Otto in The Simpsons. But I did have a sudden, uncontrollable need to shove M&Ms down my pie hole.

So is it any wonder that I called up Ballard Designs and ordered this

to take the place of a somewhat elderly Sheraton-style loveseat that badly needs reupholstering (or maybe FreeCycling, because it is not comfortable and never has been?)

Or that I bought this to put in front of it. Upholstered in a fabric they call "Toffee check."

Mmmm, toffee.

Honestly, it's lucky I had already budgeted for a few new pieces because actually calling up and ordering them kept me from burning my house down, filing for insurance, and ordering the entire Pottery Barn catalog.


  1. The sofa and ottoman are lovely. Retail therapy is a good thing.

  2. I'm sure the purchases can be easily justified. Those little boa feathers could have driven you off the edge.

  3. Well, since the kids aren't going to college, you have some extra money for furniture right there.

  4. Um, but aren't you in
    Craigslist heaven? You could do better than Ballard---not the best quality. (Nor is a lot of Pottery Barn.)

    We get report cards in two days. I LOVE having that hold over them for that brief spell....(it works! For now....mwa-ha-ha)

  5. Where would we be without retail therapy? On bad days, I can actually *hear* new yarn calling out to me.

  6. Beautiful choices! I especially love the ottoman/coffee table. I love those with a beautiful tray set on top holding a few cute items and a spot to put your cocktail...
    You'll forget all about the report cards and have the furniture to show for a long time!
    (now that last kid is almost through it with college, I've realized that grade school and even high school grades hardly matter at ALL - you just can't tell them yet!)

  7. Oooh, I love the style and the fabric and even the name! Make me want to chuck my old schmatte of a sofa too!


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