Friday, March 06, 2009

That was the week that sucked

I know I'm supposed to be moving along with my usual assortment of sweetness, light, wit, puns, knock-knock jokes, and whoopee cushions, but my brain is pretty much fried, and anyway, I'm just so damned glad it's Friday night.

I'm upstairs in my bedroom with my legs under the covers playing with my laptop and My New iPhone™. Apple just released a version of Kindle for the iPhone, and even though I have more than enough books, I can't resist the opportunity to geek out and play with this new software, even if it leaves me with a couple of ridiculous additions to my "to-read" list.

So anyway, how geeky am I? I got Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer, which I already own, and Clarissa by Samuel Richardson, which is the longest novel in the English language, and which I don't own, mostly because I lack the space necessary to shelve a book the size of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Well, now I have them both crammed into My New iPhone™, and this pleases me to no end, purr purr, and helps me forget the following horrors of the past week:

1. On Monday I survived Girl Scout Thinking Day, in which my patrol enacted a skit against cyberbullying. Except I'm not sure they understood the concept. But it didn't matter if they got it wrong, because no one could hear them in the auditorium, anyway. Oh, and my daughter practically demanded a large role, and then when I gave her one, freaked out five minutes before we started, so that while I was trying to get the rest of the patrol together and get my little welcoming speech drafted, I also had to dry Poppette's tears and assure her that everything would be fine. This explains why I literally threw myself at the school psychologist (who was just trying to go home after a long day) and forced her to talk my daughter off the ledge.

And that was just part of my Monday horrors. I also had to help rehearsals of the eighth grade play. Have I mentioned that they're doing Disney's Beauty and the Beast? (No? I haven't talked about anything lately except Hitachi Magic Wands? How remiss of me.) Well, they are. And guess who's Beast? Young Master Buxom. So. Guess who feels that she has to do whatever is asked of her? Me, that's who.

2. Now, Tuesday--I have no idea what horrors I had to survive on Tuesday, although I dimly remember something about volunteering in the school lunchroom. Also more Beauty and the Beast rehearsals.

3. On Wednesday I was working on a post for BlogHer, made a TINY change, refreshed the screen and LOST IT ALL, meaning I had to start from scratch, which I did, and that nearly killed me. I barely survived only to have to help with Beauty and the Beast rehearsals AGAIN.

4. On Thursday Young Master Buxom played a cello sonata for a recital that we hadn't even known about until late last week. This necessitated a lot of frantic rehearsing, the borrowing of the teacher's $5,000 bow, the donning of our fancy clothes, and the attending of the concert. (Where he did very well.)

5. Today I did a Mamarazzi post, did MORE volunteer lunch room duty, and retrieved My New iPhone™ from the gym, where I left it the other day.

Oh, and did I mention that my husband has been working late every night this week? And isn't home yet because he has a brief or a reply or some lawyer-y thing that needs to be filed by tonight at 11:00?

Internet, while you're up, could you bring me another glass of wine?


  1. Oh god, the horrors of Clarissa. I HAD to read it for a class in grad school, and it was so painful. I still have the book, sort of as a badge of honor that only a fellow literary geek would understand.

  2. Does the addition of more books make your iphone heavier?

  3. Not a fan of Clarissa. Love me some _Pamela_, though.

  4. Really? The 12 volume edition of Clarissa, not in print anywhere, far as I know?

    I quite enjoyed, but found quite enough, the two volume abridged now standard version of the work.

  5. That would make my Wed suck too.

  6. Just think, tomorrow you can start it all over again -- only this time, ONE HOUR EARLIER.

    I'm very jealous of your trendy technology, although NOT of Clarissa. We actually had a burn that damn book party in college -- and almost burned our apartment down.

    Turns out, fire and booze do not mix. Who knew?!

  7. I have an iPhone. It's WAY too much phone for me--I really just need one that's a...well...PHONE. But I got my husband's when he upgraded (?) to a Blackberry that apparently has now been implanted in his hand. (Maybe *I* need a Magic Wand.)

    Yesterday, my husband taught me how to download podcasts on the iPhone. Today I want to take on the Kindle thing! Thanks for the head's up.

  8. Thinking Day! I played Juliette Low in a Thinking Day play. Plum role? Mais non. I had to deliver maybe 3 lines (torture for me AND the audience) and stand on Stage Left while my troopmates did the real acting, as it were. Little did I realize that I wasn't supposed to stand on the stage the whole time. C'est la vie. I got to wear this really boss antique Girl Scout uniform and I wanted everyone to see it as long as possible.

    And how can you see the books' words on that teensy screen? Or, like me, do you whip out the little old lady reading glasses?


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