Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm feeling campy today

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This isn't a mommyblog. It's more like a Menoblog. A Menoblog in which I drivel on about the things middle-aged housewives become interested in when their child-bearing years are over. Like interior decorating, T.V., dead celebrities, annoying bureaucrats, and what to do about those kids who won't stay off my lawn, dagnabit!

Which means if you're looking for poop stories and tales of bloating and weird food cravings, look elsewhere. (If you don't know where to look, shoot me a comment. In my wanderings through the blogosphere, I've come across more Craving Mommies/Pooping Children blogs than you can shake a stick at.)

So anyway. This here is the boy (not the girl in brown, the tall fellow in green) at Here's My Hero How Do I Make Him Move? 3D Game Design camp (or whatever he was doing last week.)

Week before last it was 2D Games Design, or, Pac-Man Is Not Lame. Next week it's Let's Completely Rewrite World of Warcraft to Produce Version 2.0, and then we'll end the summer with Introduction to Programming in C++. (I know. How lame. But that's the medicine, and the three weeks of game design were the spoonful of sugar.)

See, we get more and more technical around here, and not all of us have the skills we need. So my son needs to learn moar computer-y stuff so he can help his mother with her blog. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm kicking myself.

I just know the formatting on this entry will be all screwed up. Whenever I use Flickr, the post ends up in single-spaced, teensy font. Why, oh, why, didn't I sign him up for HTML Programming for the Sons of MenoBloggers? Dagnabit!


  1. Hey, my boy does C++ too! He and Young Master Buxom should form a support group for geeky kids born on April 17th who have menoblogging moms! I'm sure they'd both LOVE that idea if either of us brought it up.

  2. Menoblog - I love it! God willing I am still years and years away from the big M, but I'm not a mommy so not a mommyblogger..although I do have my fair share of weird food cravings.

    All of that computer-speak makes me want to stick my fingers in my ears and sing LALALALALA as loud as I can!

  3. Anyone with children under 3 should be kicked off the internet. Or there should be a quota.

    Babies. Pah. Anyone can do THAT.

  4. I used to stay up late nights figuring out columns. By the time I figured it all out, I moved. Must be that I'm pre-meno-ing here.

    Thank you for not writing about poop.

  5. Believe me the kids don't help. I've got ten years on you and the oldest is an SDE (even he doesn't know if that's a Software Design Engineer or a Software Development Engineer) at Microsoft. Can he solve my smallest IT issue?


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