Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog365 Fail and other updates

• On Monday evening, I returned from my second out-of-town jaunt in two weeks. This time it was a choir trip to NYC. (Frankly, I don't know how you road warriors do it. OMG the laundry alone is killing me.)

• I'm a Blog365 wash out. We had a group registration with the hotel, and the front desk was always so busy that I didn't register a credit card with the hotel until Sunday. This means I couldn't access the wireless until Sunday night.

• Also, we were incredibly busy. The kids and I sang services at the Church of the Heavenly Rest (5/90th) and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (113th and Amsterdam Avenue.)

• After rehearsal on Saturday, the four of us ate lunch at Centolire. Then my daughter and I got our nails done and shopped our way down Madison Avenue, with stops at Olive and Bette's and Betsey Johnson.

• That night we went out to dinner and then to Lincoln Center to see South Pacific. Which was fantastic.

• My daughter looks adorable in her new loot (black puffy satin skirt from Betsey Johnson; black Uggs from Olive and Bette's)

• I look far less adorable in my Betsey Johnson loot:


• Yet I'm wearing it even as I type.

• Makes you wonder how I have the nerve to dish out advice on beauty and style for baby boomers, doesn't it?

• But I'm going to, anyway. More of that anon.

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  1. Choir with your kids is a better fate than blogging.

    Oh dear, I can tell already that I am going to have to do this more than once, becaue I really do not know what those verification characters are...

    ps yes, I had to do this more than once. Ban that word recognition! How long can it take to clean up your spam without it?


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