Tuesday, February 02, 2010

In Nashville, no one can hear you scream

OMG you guys, I totally deserve to drink an entire bottle of wine all by myself because seriously, if I had to answer one more phone call about today's election I was going to have to kill myself, not to mention that I really wanted to vote a straight Green Party ticket because the number of flyers and cards left on my front steps made the local pizza places seem understated and tasteful--and yet I AM NOT DOING SO because I'm desperately trying to get ready to fly to Nashville to attend BlissDom, the funnest friendliest blogging conference in the history of EVER.

But I can't find my hotel reservation information for the Opryland hotel.

So it's lucky that I forget to cancel the back-up reservation I made at a nearby Radisson when I couldn't get into the Opryland Hotel because it was sold out for the first night. Which is tomorrow.

Can you tell I'm panicking? Because I am.

What I really need is Jen Lancaster, blackbird, Susie Sunshine, and Wendy to tell me what to do and where to go. But they won't be there.

So if you see me (large, loud, bespectacled, older than I write) and I'm looking frantic because I can't find my phone and I left my laptop charger in the room and I don't know anyone, please come up and say hi.

I promise I won't cling to your neck and weep.


  1. Can't wait to see you dear! I'll be the one who forgot to print my business cards and hopes that everyone knows how to use their poken. Ooops!

  2. Oh No!!!! I will happily share all of my back up power supplies with you and you are more than welcome to cling to my neck and weep to your hearts content, just make sure my shirt doesn't get wrinkled, okay?

    Cannot wait to see you and help you kill of AT LEAST one bottle of wine!

  3. If you need lodging or transportation call me.
    I may be in Michigan, but I have people everywhere.

  4. Cool beans - have fun! Nashville can be a fun town, if you can avoid country music (not a fan). I want to be there!


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