Wednesday, March 31, 2010

30 Days to 10 years younger--10 minute tips. Tip 27: The legs are the last to go, and other stories

So often the story of aging is the story of irretrievable, irredeemable loss. A woman reaches the age of 38 and bam! She gives up. Because what's the point? Why bother to keep trying? An 18-year-old in a t-shirt and jeans looks better.

And maybe that's true. (Although a lot depends on the 18-year-old.)

But here's the deal. If you've had a good feature--and you have, even if it's your left elbow--then chances are advancing years have not eradicated every vestige of its loveliness.

I know I'm right. Here's how: I advise you to "shorten your skirts" and some of you reply "No way! My miniskirt days are long gone." But others of you say "Absolutely! Life is short and so are my skirts." We may not what we used to be--but we still remain just a little bit cocky about our good points.

And why not? Is it crazy to suppose that some of us have good legs? Seriously good legs, even though we're 40 or 50 or 60? Why not? Have you ever seen Diane Von Furstenburg's legs? They're epic.

Photo courtesy of The Catwalk Queen

So let's get this straight. I'm not saying we should revert to a wardrobe of tube tops and shorts shorts. I'm not saying we should buy all our clothes at Forever XXI, our accessories at Claire's, paint our fingernails dark glittery purple, Manic Panic our hair, only wear makeup colors outside the realm of nature, or cover ourselves with tattoos and piercings.

I am saying that if you had good legs in your 20s, chances are you still do. If you had great hair in your 20s, chances are you still have better hair than the other women your age. If you had pretty hands, what the hell--have some fun with your nail polish.

Me modeling O.P.I.'s Ink
Your assets don't evaporate when you turn 40. Aging and childbirth have done a number on my figure, but I have good hair. I've always had good hair and with luck, I'll always have it. I'll go strand-to-strand against any other woman my age.

Sure I'm jealous of my mother-in-law and the stretchy little undergarments she calls bras. It ought to be against the law for a grandmother to be that perky. But I don't let it give me the mean reds. When I feel envious, I toss my hair around, flounce out of the room, and head into my bathroom to inventory my nail polish collection.

As the French philosopher said, Mesdames, cultivez vos vernis! Cultivate your nail polishes. Or whatever your assets are.

They're still there, ready to be enjoyed. So go ahead and flaunt them.


  1. For me, I have to weigh the pros and cons of being more daring with feeling self-conscious all day. Somewhere in between, there's a zone where I feel fashionable and edgy, but not ridiculous. That's what I aim for!

  2. I have enjoyed reading these columns so much. I'd say more, but I'm too busy digging out that mod mini dress Stacy and Clinton tell me I'm too old to wear...

  3. Yeah, what's up with the "No miniskirts after 35"? Stacy and Clinton can bite me! Although I generally like the stuff that they do.

  4. Um, Tina Turner:)? I would say, that as we age, the assets can shift from the soft tissue to the bony structure. In other words, I used to have great broad shoulders and a little bitty waist. I've now got great broad shoulders and a not large waist...

  5. thank you for this posting! you really focus on the strong points, and they are always around. just get out of sight too soon when we focus on the belly which is not flat and the skin which isn't flawless ...

    I am looking forward to reading your blog every day! you brighten up my days. :-D

  6. Absolutely agree! I wear minis and anyone who objects risks a whack over the head with my BIG and WAY TOO HEAVY Goldenbleu bag. I wear black tights under my minis though so that you can see the shape of my gams but not the texure, if you know what I mean. I used to have pretty hands but they are very bony now so I buy the vernis anyway and just fondle the bottles from time to time. LPC I envy the broad shoulders!

  7. Hi Pops.
    Agree re the skirts and legs! And can I just say whenever I read the line "They'll have to prise the lipstick out of my cold dead hand I laugh!" Killer! Love the OPI ink, you have nice hands.

  8. Just discovered your blog, and have read through every days tips. Really inspiring! Being over 50 myself, my legs are still great, but do have varicose viens so only short skirts with tights, which means I can't wear lovely summer frocks.


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