Thursday, April 01, 2010

30 Days to 10 years younger--10 minute tips. Tip 28: Move on

I've been doing the internet beauty thing for a long time, and one thing remains constant; people always find a way to whine about their favorite products being discontinued.

Sometimes a company pulls a line before giving it enough time to find its market segment. Firefly and Dollhouse fans have nothing on the women I know who keened, wailed, and gnashed their teeth when Oil of Olay decided to pull their line of drugstore makeup.

I'm going to sound like Pollyanna here, but honestly, things change incredibly quickly in the realm of cosmetics and skincare. If you take the time to remain informed about what's out there, you'll realize that formulations change. And it's not just due to business reasons. And a lot of the time, a new and improved formula actually is an improvement.

I urge you not to stockpile huge amounts of a favorite product. One of my invisible internet friends did just that with Oil of Olay's discontinued powder foundation. She was convinced that it was the perfect color match and the perfect consistency for her skin. But long before she had depleted her stockpile, fashion and her skin had moved on. What had once seemed perfect now appeared too heavy and matte.

That's because the finish and consistency of makeup changes as fashions change. The foundation that worked perfectly for you in 2003 might be way too matte and too opaque now that sheerer, light-diffusing formulas are in style.

If you're reaching the end of a product that you like, don't automatically repurchase the same thing. Do a little research to see what's new.

For example, there's an exciting-sounding partnership between CoverGirl and Olay that combines the color expertise of CoverGirl with the anti-aging formulas of Oil of Olay.

And I just discovered the world's most amazing foundation (for real, and don't let the other nine tubes and bottles in my bathroom tell you any different) by buying a ridiculous iPod train case from Stila. Stila's One Step foundation is primer, foundation, powder, true love, and fresh-baked cookies in one easy to use pump bottle. A tiny pea-sized bit of this miracle product erases my circles and broken capillaries and leaves me poreless and glowing.

And I'd never know about it if I'd been on auto-pilot and repurchased my third tube of Estee Lauder tinted moisturizer. So do your skin a favor and branch out. If you're wearing a foundation that's been out for 10 years or more, you really owe it to yourself to try something new. You won't believe the difference in the new stuff.


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  1. I couldn't agree more. Makeup, in its best incarnation, is recreation. And we don't insist on sticking to the same board game, the same sport, the same outings. You can always find something, and often something better.

  2. Looks like I've got some research to do!

  3. But they discontinued the OoO! How dare they discontinue an AFers HG's!
    Consternation! Gnashing and Uproar!

    That said, I've changed my foundation several times in the past decade or so
    Maybelline Shine Free (old sucky version)>Maybelline Shine Free (non sucky reformulation)> Maybelline Everfresh>Lancôme Macquicontrole> L'Oréal Cashmere Perfect> L'Oréal Infallible. I've got a Lancôme Teint Idole sample I need to try out.

    I've been an MUA member for a long time, but often don't read reviews before buying a "new to me" product.

  4. I agree – except when Lancôme discontinues the color “Mars” out of its line every three years or so. It is my perfect lipstick and it drives me INSANE. However, the last time when they brought back “Mars” I did like the new formula. Hmm, maybe they’re on to something?

  5. You have clearly not tried Hourglass Veil Foundation!! It is the original all in one and it goes on with a specific brush so no sitting in lines or around blemishes, super natural AND anti-aging.

    Also, women forget that not only do cosmetics and fashion change, so does their skin. That powder that worked great when you were 20? Probably not going to work so well at 30.


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