Saturday, April 17, 2010

When retro heads to the dark side

You know, whenever a style is brought back, there are always the naysayers. Everyone's all, Oh no, the eighties! I can't stand padded shoulders (or leggings, or cobalt blue, or Big Hair.) Or I hate the 70s! Boo clogs and bootleg jeans. Or Say no to the Nineties! Grunge Must. Not. Return.

But I try to look for the good in every fashion revival. I'm glad we're over flat-ironed hair; I'm on record as saying I like clogs, and sheesh, some baggy 90s clothes would come as a welcome relief from all the muffin top I see every day.

But there's something from the 80s that I really, really, really didn't miss.

Just say no to drop temple glasses.

There's something so drab and cheerless about this style. To me, it's depressingly administrative-assistant-to-a-low-level-office-manager-circa-1982.

I realize I'm sounding like my mother. (Specifically, way back when The Great Gatsby was released and 20s styles were revived). But let's hope this style, being resurrected by ModCloth, dies a quick death.


  1. They were bound to be back sometime. I think of Tootsie when I see them.

  2. My coworker recently got new glasses. HUGE frames with drop temples AND curliques. She's 58 going on 80.

    More than any other fashion era, the return of the 80s makes me itchy. I have narrow, sloping shoulders so you'd think I would welcome the return of shoulder pads, wouldn't you? No, nope, the very idea gives me the shakes.

  3. Lol! Tootsie... of course. Huge watches with bright vinyl straps are another 60s/80s/10s thing I could do without. Gawd, I vividly recall buying bras that had not built-in padding but built-in shoulder pads. I actually bought four of them and wouldn't trust my shoulders to anything but. This must have looked insect-like as I have a VERY short neck. As for cobalt blue, is comes second in grottiness to that very bright emerald green (which I sportingly wore with mall hair like everyone else). I truly think the 80s constituted the worst fashion era ever. Yuk!

  4. Hahaha! I immediately thought of Tootsie. And 9 to 5 (but I don't think any the admins wore those kind of glasses!). Anyhoo, my formative teenage years were in the eighties, and while I could do without power shoulders, I really did like esprit, treetorn and the preppie look. And I totally embraced the 90's grunge look (easy college wardrobe), but I do have some hideous pics of me in some velvet monstrosities with bows and puffed sleeves (notwithstanding Anne of Green Gables) and drop waists (remember those?) and general ickiness! Ah, trips down memory lane should require some sort of warning sign, shouldn't it?

  5. h ah hahahahah.
    yah. they do NOTHING for a girl's face. NOTHING!

  6. Retro styled glasses only work on the seriously funky/creative person, everyone else it just doesn't seem to work and looks dated.


    There, now I can get off the mountain top.....

    Do you know that I lost all my blogroll this past weekend when I switched over to my domain??? Thank goodness for the followers, at least I can click and pin down that way. So I can go back and find some. But, still, my favorites are all gone. Thank god I had just backed everything up. But, anyway, it could be worse. It's only the internet. BUt, still, waaaah!!!

    Sorry about this becoming a post, but I"m pretty distraught...:)


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