Friday, May 07, 2010

Murad's Resurgence, or My New Skin Care Regimen: Let Me Show It To You

At some point last April, I decided to make myself into the internet's guinea pig.

First of all, I realized that I'd stick to a skin care regimen more thoroughly if I was trying to make a point for my invisible internet friends. There would be no more of this deciding I'm too tired to do the full skin care regimen; no sneaking one of my son's Stridex pads to wipe off my makeup; definitely no falling into bed with my makeup on. No cheating.

And so far, it's working. I've been really good about the whole cleanse/treat/moisturize program. (Obviously, I need to bring the internet to the gym with me. And tape a picture of the internet onto my refrigerator. Heh.)

Anyway, this is my current regimen: Dr. Murad's Resurgence night time skincare kit, plus two Garnier Nutritioniste products I really like and don't want to give up: their Ultra-Lift eye cream and SPF28 Daily Moisturizer.*

Murad's Resurgence line claims to target the effects of "hormonal aging," i.e., what happens to our skin as we approach menopause. According to his website, this is what happens:
Low estrogen levels result in weakening of the collagen and elastin fibers. Wrinkles become more prominent, while the skin assumes a dull, discolored, rough, dry appearance. Additionally, women who never had acne in their life may discover unexpected breakouts because of a lack of estrogen in their bodies. You may find that you have an increase in facial hair as well as brown spots and increased sensitivity to skincare products.
Well, thank you Dr. Murad for pointing out all the things to be depressed about, at least when it comes to my complexion. And internet, it turns out I'll make a great guinea pig for you, because all of it is happening to me--except for the unexpected breakouts (knock wood.)

Anyway, since May first, I've been using Murad's Resurgence three step system. It consists of

Renewing Cleansing Cream (4.5 oz/$35) available on Amazon for $25.99

Age-Diffusing Serum (1 oz/$70) available on Amazon for $59.70

Age-Balancing Night Cream (1.7 oz/$80) available on Amazon for $59

I bought the three piece kit on Amazon for $119, when the three pieces purchased separately would cost $185. To find out more details about the products, I checked out Murad's Resurgence website. The website sells the kits, but it also enrolls you into a monthly delivery system, which--no. Just no.
Also, can I just mention how embarrassing it is to buy something and discover, once you've done a little research for a blog post, that it has that "As seen on TV" thingie on the web site? These products have been featured in an infomercial! Shame spiral commencing in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... entering a shame spiral.

Anyway, so far, I like these products. However, I'm not recommending this kit or any Murad product until I've made it through the entire month, because there's no point in being all enthusiastic about my new toy after only using it for a week, only to find out on day 20 that it breaks me out or gives me a rash.

And I made a video about it! Which I'll embed here. So that you can listen to me ramble incoherently about it in real time.

* If you click on the link to the Garnier Nutritioniste SPF28 Daily Moisturizer, you'll discover that Amazon is selling it for $2.49, yay! Unfortunately, that's because it has apparently been discontinued, boo! So I ... um ... just 1-clicked five bottles.

Disclaimer: The products that I'm not reviewing in this not-review were purchased by me by means of Amazon-1-clicking and two glasses of wine. I'm signed up with that thing that supposedly gives me money if people buy something they see on my blog, but I've never gotten a penny from it, so don't go buy this Murad stuff thinking that you're going to help send my son to college, because it's not happening.


  1. That was awesome! And I even detected a trace of youah New England accent!

    Yes, you do have great skin for your age. Bitch.

    But thanks for the review! ;-) And, just wondering, are you setting the stage for you daughter, or testing the waters?

    Also, could you PLEASE review sunscreens, esp. ones that don't stain clothing?

  2. I love you in real life, Poppy!

    I second the sunscreen thing. All the ones I have are so oily and shiny on my skin!!!!!!!

    Good to see you!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. DUDE! That was most excellent! More videos, please! (I, on the other hand, will ... probably never post one again, after this.)

  4. Love the video, although I am used to you speaking much more vociferously, and swearing a lot more. I just ordered three of the Garnier myself. And I need your mailing address. I have something for you from my trip to Florida and Georgia!

  5. Jane: I'm cringing over some of those vowels. I mean, why don't I just upload a video where I talk about pahking my cah in Hahvahd yahd?

    (BTW, Jen Lancaster mentions my Bawstin accent in My Fair Lazy. And my friends are all like "Tee hee! Jen nailed Poppy's accent!" It's SO EMBARRASSING. But now I know what they're talking about.)

    And sunscreens that don't stain clothing? Hmm. I've never experienced a sunscreen clothing stain. And I'm not a nudist, so I can't imagine how I've managed to avoid the problem. But keep reading to see what I tell Empress.

    Empress: Happy Mother's Day to you! And here's your gift: Neutrogena's Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch SPF 70. I use it on my face, but maybe it wouldn't stain your clothes--it's really not greasy at all.

    Badger: You realize, of course, that you were my inspiration ... except I can't juggle. Or knit.

    MAW: Present? Present? To email you my mailing address will be for me, the work of an instant. As for the lack of swearing on my video, hey, this blog is rated PG, and so are the videos, mostly because my children's friends have figured out my secret internet identity. And be fair: I did say "big-ass." I think I should get a few points for that.

  6. So nice to hear you Poppy. You sound just great. Murad is a good line and so much less expensive through Amazon.

    Yes, I'm a little disappointed that there is no ranting, but hey! You's adorable!

  7. wow. That's what I call a really cool voice! Nice hearing you!

  8. Poppy!!!!!!! This was wonderful. Love your accent, love the chair in the background, love the skincare low down. You need your own tv show. Pronto.

  9. Damn girl. If you never told us (multiple times) your age, I would NEVER believe it.
    You look GREAT!!!
    I loved the vid too and seeing you and hearing you.


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