Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday afternoon click-a-thon (with random remarks as a GWP)

Want to smell like me? Or at least, Coach's notion of what a Poppy smells like? (Apparently we're fruity/floral--and hey, who isn't?) Beauty 411 has the 411.

The votes are tallied and the griege shoobooties won, so they are on their way to me from Zappos. Yes, I originally found them on Nordstrom, but the free two-way shipping won me over. After all, I'll probably try them on, wonder what I'd been smoking, and run over to the P.O. to return them.

Once I start thinking about a subject, I see it everywhere. And right now, I'm all about the neutral eyeshadow. So I was awfully pleased to see Jennifer Hudson's Got Milk ad. Check out her eye makeup--it looks fantastic. (Please to ignore the icky milk moustache, though.)

Anyone finding their concealer looking awfully pale these days? For now, I'm blending a dot of Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer (shade #3, Golden Bronze) with my old faithful (and now discontinued) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer--(and talk about combining high and low!) But what I really need to do is pop for a darker shade. I want to try the new Revlon ones.

I don't see as many ageless looks on The Sartorialist as I'd like. I'm often left feeling bereft. But this lovely brunette in a black top with a white collar has a great Coco Chanel-meets-Pierrot vibe.

In the time lapse between my writing a BlogHer post about serums and it going live, I dug around and found even more serums--like these two from from Phyto-C--that sound intriguing. But Vitamin C degrades when it's exposed to light, so I popped for a serum in a brown bottle. A budget-friendly one, at that. My bottle of nufountain C20 L-Ascorbic Vitamin C Serum arrived yesterday. I'll review it after I've been your guinea pig for a while.

Hey! College Fashion shows 25 summer sandals for any budget.

Finally, if you're fair-skinned, it can be really hard to find a bronzer that adds a little color but looks natural. Physician's Formula consistently comes out with colors that work for pale porcelain princesses like me. Right now I'm loving their Bamboo Wear Bamboo Silk Bronzer in Light.

With my usual high/low outlook, I'm applying my $9.95 bronzer with a $52 Nars bronzer brush. I load the brush with color, tap it off to remove the excess, and apply the bronzer in a sort of circular, rubbing motion over the areas that would get some sun: (that is, if I ever got up from my laptop) cheeks, nose, chin, forehead. It adds just a touch of color and a minimal amount of shimmer, and it's subtle enough to work in partnership with my blusher.

Finally, Une Femme has recommendations for summer weight scarves.

Click, read, enjoy!


  1. I totally love the free brush I got from the e.l.f. people at BlogHer last year, too. A high-end brush is always necessary!

    I am really gonna be sad in August when you are all there partying, and I am at home alone!

  2. I'm using the Physician's Formula bronzer and loving it.

    The summer weight scarves that I'm seeing at all the stores now are amusing me. Here in Virginia, it is currently 98 degrees with rainforest-like humidity and will stay this way until September.
    I'd be very surprised if I saw anyone around here wearing a scarf, even if it were feather-light.

  3. K worked on the Jennifer Hudson milk stuff - remind me (while we are eating) to tell you how they make those mustaches!

  4. I'm still trying to get into the whole neutral shadow thing. It's hard to move away from the idea that shadow can be something other than COLOR.

    Also, as an aside, I stopped with the Sartorialist when I realized that a couple of months had passed and not one NOT ONE curly haired person had been photographed. Evidently curly haired people are a mess. I mean, right now I'm no fashion plate . . . but still!

  5. In LOVE with those shoes...Keep 'em Mama...they are FAB!



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