Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's ... alive. And wearing Lilly!

Hey internet! Look, sorry I haven't been keeping in touch--I've been really busy lately, what with taking my son back and forth to performing arts camp, dealing with our post-fire condo renovation, attending various summer-themed social events, and throwing a cocktail party for a friend who has finally bitten the bullet and moved to the suburbs.

Many of these activities involved shopping for and wearing lots and lots of Lilly Pulitzer. So I will intersperse this post with pictures of the stuff I've been wearing. (Not pictures of me wearing it, because Lord knows I'm not that organized.)

For example, for my welcome-to-the-suburbs cocktail party, guess who made her husband wear a Lilly blazer?

YES I DID. And he looked adorable, with a huge, abashed grin on his face all night long.

And hey! I've just heard that a lot of you are signing up for The Great American Apparel Diet. Which I thought meant you took a solemn oath to wear only bright colored solid clothes designed for teenagers, but which actually means you promise not to buy any clothes for a year.

And you know what? If you think you have a problem with shopping, then go for it. But I've done the moratorium thing before, and really, I think it's much more sensible to clear out your closets, set a budget, and buy only what you need.

Like for example, the way I needed that bracelet. (OK, maybe not really.)

But think about it. Buying what you need. It's not faddy or internetty. It's kind of old-school. But it works.

The hard part is figuring out what you actually need. Instead of going cold turkey with shopping, how about figuring out why your closet doesn't work with your life? Figure out what clothes you own that don't suit your life, and either store them or get rid of them. Then fill in the gaps with the stuff you really wear.

Like the way I recently bought 5,000 Lilly polo shirts.

In the summer, I wear shirts like this five days out of seven. And the white ones always get messed up somehow. To me, it makes sense to replace light-colored summer shirts with fresh, new, not-stained ones.

See, here's my theory: what happens if you get invited to a wedding or you lose a lot of weight or you need new bras? I did the buy-no-makeup-for-a-year thing way back when, and later on, I did The Compact. And frankly, they didn't significantly alter my behavior.

The easiest way to keep from overindulging is to avoid triggers. People who are trying not to drink shouldn't hang out in bars. People who are trying not to smoke shouldn't watch old Bette Davis movies. And people who want to stop buying so much stuff need to steer clear of malls, catalogs, shopping TV programs, and blogs where people are always talking about the latest crappe they've bought.

Like this dress, which I wore to my cocktail party. (Isn't it cute?)


  1. Love the bangle. Wish I could wear bracelets like it but they never seem to fit over my fat, fat little hand.

    Le sigh.

    I don't suppose you'll be posting a picture of Mr. Buxom in that awesome jacket any time soon? Did it come with a matching pipe and/or ascot?

  2. I am all about simplifying, paring down and living simple.

    But to not shop for a year? That sounds like a manifesto from one of those shave-your-head-and-only-eat-blue-food cults.

    Lilly dress is tres cute.

  3. Yeah, where's that photo of the dreamy Mr. Buxom in that jacket?

  4. I like it all (I am a colour person!) but that jacket!!! I ADORE IT!!!
    And kudos to Mr. Buxom for wearing it, goes without saying I'd love to see a pic, even a weird angle-cut off-no head-partial view Bb style!
    Pretty please?

  5. I recently underwent the very process you describe, of cleaning out, and assessing the clothes I already have. I have supplemented (shopped) with a few more pieces of great utility, but all these lilly pix are making me want to splurge!

  6. You're bringing all this next week, right?

  7. Never mind Mr Buxom, where's the picture of you in that dress? (But, if necessary, we will settle for Mr Buxom, just this once, because the jacket is really fetching.)

  8. You're Amazing ! I love your writing it makes me laugh so hard, LOVE IT ! I even print them out and read them to my non-computer literate (by choice) friends . Oh ya...My Mom too (issues)

    I do like the suit jacket that you got Mr.Boomer to wear.

  9. The dress was as cute on you as the jacket was on Mr. Buxom!

    The bracelet is making me drool and it just happens to match a shift I'm bringing for next week... Keep your eye on it, dear.

    I'm with you on the whole compact thing. Why can't people just learn to live with moderation? All or nothing never works for me.

    My offer to help you with the closets still stands. You know I live for that shit.

  10. The bracelet is beautiful!! Now... what's happened at Mamarazzi? Have you been hacked??


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