Friday, July 09, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer, my fair weather friend

I think we can all pretty much agree that Lilly Pulitzer looks best on thin, blonde, tanned Floridians, ideally accessorized with a sprinkling of towheaded children. Something like this:

Well, this is the story of a fair-skinned, dark-haired (thanks to the salon) northern girl (OK ... post-menopausal female) and her part-time, fair-weather, irrational love of Lilly.

When you live in Chicago in a small, elderly house with teeny, tiny closets, you spend more time than you'd like moving things in and out of your closet and drawers. And sometimes, in the dead of winter, when I'm all wool and black puffy jackets and purple tights and suchlike, I look at the neon rainbow of Lilly Pulitzer summer clothes, and a single thought passes through my mind:


And then, lo and behold, summer hits. We get our first streak of eighty-degree days, and I'm rummaging around for the self-tanner and my white sandals and bag. And my Lilly.

This year I discovered that Lilly had--hallelujah!--actually produced some dresses with sleeves. And a chorus of angels started to sing as I discovered some of this seasons dresses aren't skin tight. They're loose, cool, and comfortable.

So I kind of went on a little bit of a shopping binge. And this week I went to a birthday luncheon for a friend of mine. Five of us baby boomers sitting around a table in a private room in a private club, talking, laughing, drinking white wine, and eating gazpacho, chicken salad, and coconut cake.

And I was resplendent in my Lilly Pulitzer blue Elina toile tunic (OK, it's really a swimsuit coverup, and maybe I looked like a walking swimming pool) with my white Michael Kors "Palm Beach" wedged sandals, and a cream-colored vintage Paloma Piccaso bag.

Then I went mattress shopping, where I took a picture.

Like youth, the season for wearing Lilly is short and sweet. And I plan to enjoy every moment!


  1. Nice legs!
    Your dress looks cool too!
    Please show us all that you bought on the "binge buying trip to the shops"

  2. I wouldn't have pegged you for a Lilly gal, you're right. But I bet you looked all Lilly fab anyway:).

  3. Must meet u. I am wearing THAT shade of green on my fingernails, right now. And I seem to have your very same legs.

  4. Lilly is fun to's a summer must.

  5. I love Lilly Pulitzer stuff. I found some at the Salvation Army the other day, but it was too small.

    I have come to the sad realization that me wearing an all over print like that makes me look like an overstuffed ottoman. So I've just taken to longing for it while sticking to solid colours. Dull, but better than looking like an English Granny's living room.

  6. I love Lilly and have a few pieces but always seem to chicken out before I leave the house. Somehow I don't think her stuff looks so wonderful on my ample hiney. (Thus my agreement about the tall, blonde Floridians).

  7. I'm a blonde Floridian and wouldn't be caught dead in the stuff...but I'm not tall and my two sons are not there you go.

  8. I think Majorbedhead & I may be twins. She looks like an ottoman, I am more of a chaise.

    But to the point: YOU have great legs, and blue toe-nails? Like Buttah! Love them!

  9. That photo at the end.....when I first looked at it before reading, I thought it was from one of those blogger conventions you've written about. ;-)

    Nice shot.


  10. Yes, love those legs and toesies dear lady! I don't know much about LP. Maybe that's to do with living in the Great White North. Looks like a lot of fun though and that's what true "fashion" is all about.

  11. Poppisima, are you away at the shore, digging your toes in the sand at the beach?
    Hope your fine!
    Just wanted to let you know I quit the life of an early grey gal and turned blonde. Was a spontanious act, with your posts on greys and colour in the back of my mind!


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