Tuesday, October 05, 2010

It's been a glorious week, featuring a not-so-glorious looking Poppy

I met a psychiatrist on Monday and mentioned that I'm a style blogger. I'm sure he was all "delusions of grandeur" and "psychotic episode," because people, I looked like crap.

That's because I've spent most of the week--which has been absolutely perfect in terms of early fall weather--setting up the sewing and crafts room for my church's annual rummage sale.
Image borrowed from carla-at-home

This is not a crafts blog, and those of you who have been reading for a while will notice that I don't tend to spend a lot of time talking about sewing, quilting, embroidery, or needlepoint. You might be wondering why a glamorous style blogger like me is spending hours pricing packages of rickrack.

OK, I would totally volunteer for the makeup and skincare room, except they don't have one.

But really, the whole thing is Wendy's fault. See, I went to the rummage sale with her last year, and she bought out the sewing room. She walked out of there with something like her 14th sewing machine and several bushels of Liberty fabric, plus reams of seam binding, interfaces, and other sewing effluvia. This year she's too busy having an addition added to her house to volunteer, so somehow--don't ask me how, it's a mystery--I'm doing it instead.

At moments like this, I wonder why, when Jen Lancaster was researching volunteer opportunities, she didn't just follow me around. The way I look at it, volunteer jobs are kudzu, and my time is the southern landscape. They stick to me like burrs. They're as inevitable as white dog hair on a pair of black pants. Jen would have polished off her research in a couple of days.

Speaking of black pants and Jen Lancaster, a bunch of us will be going to a book signing tomorrow to meet Lisa Birnbach, editor of The Official Preppy Handbook and her recent follow-up, True Prep.

I'll be eating lunch with Wendy and Jen and Stacey as well as some other friends of mine that you probably don't know because they're not all over the internet.

The good news is that I've lost 10 pounds since August, and can just get into my favorite black pants. I don't know what else I'm wearing, though. I'm thinking a pink cashmere twinset from Brooks Brothers with an Hermes scarf with pink and green in it. I think that would be preppy enough.

If not, I can always add a string of pearls.


  1. You MUST wear the pearls!!!
    Have a great time!

  2. I am (pink and) green with envy!

  3. Pink and green madras plaid pants, and an add-a-pearl necklace. Plus door knocker earrings. (I know - I was in a preppy college in the 70's.)
    Those will look good with the twinset,

  4. Congratulations on the 10 pound loss...and getting back into your black pants.
    Sounds like a fun event...you cannot go wrong with your Hermes scarf!

  5. You are a badass. I told Lisa to say "hi to Poppy" so hold her to that.

  6. I love the metaphor, Poppy. Volunteer jobs as kudzu,you as southern landscape...



  7. If you find a way to get out of volunteering, please post about it. I could really really really use some help.

  8. Oh man I would come and buy out your sewing room...but live in Florida....You wouldnt even have to tag it. I lurve all that stuff!



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