Sunday, November 04, 2012

Weekend update

This was not a great weekend on the diet and fitness front. My sister and niece were visiting so I couldn't spend my time working out and drinking whey protein smoothies.

On Friday night, I demolished the bread basket at Rosebud on Rush, drank two Manhattans, and ordered one of those dishes where you look at the menu and there's a salad with a few ingredients, and all you see is ARUGULA but when it shows up it turns out it's all about the FRIED EGGPLANT. Also MOZZARELLA. With a measly, garnish-sized allotment of arugula, as a sop to the groundlings.

Saturday wasn't horrible because we went to a college open house in the south loop and walked for blocks and blocks. So I wasn't at the gym, but I wasn't sitting on the sofa watching a Hoarders marathon and eating chips straight out of the bag.

The open house had a free lunch that featured sandwiches and a delicious potato salad (BAD) but also skewers of fresh fruit, so OK, whatever.

Also my breakfasts where pure as the driven. Shredded wheat, banana, skim milk, and unicorn blood. (What? Just seeing if you're paying attention.)

On the bright side I worked out like crazy on Friday and will again on Monday. And I had a great visit with my sister and niece.

You know what? The only thing harder than two hours at the gym is blogging every day about fitness. I don't know how these healthy living bloggers do it. How do they keep people interested? I'm boring myself, for God's sake.

Do you think A&E is running any Hoarders episodes at the moment?


  1. Seriously life is full of diet pit falls.
    At least you are mindful of what you ate and are compensating with exercise.

    I spent the weekend in Vancouver and had 2 martini's, caesar salad and chicken wings and that's only the Friday night!!!
    I am going to be very disciplined this week as my jeans already feel snug.

  2. Oh Poppy ... you have no idea what I've been gobbling and drinking ...
    Friday night I thought I'd burst like a bubble, felt SO full ... the WINE and the grilled eggplant (too freaking many!!!) OY!
    I never counted my calories intake, don't think I can manage ever.
    I simply had a small lunch skipped dinner last night.
    But I admire your will power AND your results!
    You don't bore me at ALL.


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