Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hwe Deop Bap is my new BFF

I've had a lovely visit with my sister and niece, but boy oh boy am I tired. Friday was busy busy busy and today we went to Columbia College Chicago for an open house. We started at the north end of the campus, and walked all over the place. We saw performances and presentations by various department heads and it was great, but tiring.

But what did I wear?

A Tory Burch black wool cardigan over a white tee

Mulberry colored Banana Republic skinny cords (which I can't find on the website)

Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots

Brooks Brothers black leather trench jacket
Mulberry colored wrist worms

and a purple Prada zip top satchel.

After a long day of visiting and talking, it was nice to sit down to a big bowl of spicy Korean sashimi ... with brown instead of white rice.


  1. Now that is a KILLER outfit! Love the purple bag, the Tory, and the moto boots all together.

  2. You must have stolen the show in that outfit!
    Would love to see a picture of you wearing it...

  3. Perfect outfit for so many things!


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