Monday, November 11, 2013

I see naked people.

People! Enough with all the nudity!

Look, I've already told you that nude lips do women of a certain age no favors at all. Our lips are already thinner and less pigmented than they used to be, and our teeth are darker. Pale, pale lips need to stay on J Lo where they belong.

And what the hell. I like neutral eyeshadows. Blending three or four shades of cream, beige, tan, cocoa, OK, fine, NUDE eyeshadow is a great wearable look. I've blogged about it myself.

But Urban Decay is about to release a third Naked eyeshadow palette. They already have two, in addition to Naked Basics, which is just matte shades. (OK, I covet that one, but I'm making do with my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette because somebody has to set an example.) Because apparently, 30 shades of "Naked" eye shadow isn't enough; we need 42.

Among other things, this makes me wonder about Urban Decay's overuse of the adjective "Naked." It has turned into a cottage industry for them. They have eye shadow palettes, a blush, a highlighter ... how many Nakeds can there be? Maybe one for every single person on earth? Perhaps so. And how Naked can you be when you're covered with five pounds of flesh colored makeup? If I applied all the Naked products they carry right now, I'd look like an overweight, middle-aged version of the girl in Goldfinger.

Me and Sean Connery

As for nails ... I understand that I'm not the only one who has gotten sick of nail art and glitter nail polish and nails any color as long as it doesn't belong on a human being. So when nail blogs started showing lots of "mannequin hands," i.e., nails the same color as one's skin, I didn't mind. Then Dior came out with a collection of nude shades, and that was OK. Maybe even a little refreshing.

But now Clinique is coming out with 16 shades of nude polish. And a nude eyeshadow palette.

All of a sudden, everywhere I look, I see naked people.

Nude this, nude that ... bored now. I don't know whether the cycle of fashion is turning too fast, or the copycatting is getting me down. All I know is that the Clinique stuff hasn't even hit the stores yet, and I'm already sick of it.


  1. Thanks, Marianne! I heart your blog big time.

  2. I was going to say let's get naked! But then again, NO thank you.


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