Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I'm a makeup addict, but I don't buy these brands

And the reasons are really stupid. I mean, of course I'm influenced by packaging. We all are. But aside from that, my reasons for avoiding certain brands are pretty dumb. And so, as a favor to marketers everywhere, I thought I'd list them here.

(BTW, so I don't feel alone in this, feel free to chime in with your pet makeup prejudices in the comment section.)

Nars, because

icky black rubber packaging that shows every fingerprint.


because hello, crayon colors! Also, the lack of shade names. What's with all the numbers? How is that evocative? Or even slightly mnemonic?

Dolce & Gabbana, because

their print ads bug. We get it; you guys are Italian. But am I supposed to want to look like an extra in a Fellini movie? I'd end up cast as the lady in sunglasses. No thanks.

Laura Mercier, because

it looks clinical. And uninspiring. And less than glamorous. What--you couldn't make lids from silver or gold? Are the elements not modern enough?

Aerin, because

they can't fool me; it's Estee Lauder.

Trish McEvoy, because

that whole planner thing has no appeal. Maybe if I were on the road all the time, or felt satisfied using the same shades over and over and over. But I'm neither.

Tom Ford, because

he needs to get over himself.

La Prairie

because $200 for a foundation? No.

Kevyn Aucoin, because

although I'm sad he's dead, I have no desire to buy makeup from his ghost.


is the biggest makeup company in Japan, and yet, I forget it exists.

Le Metier de Beauté

because nine years of French, and I still don't know what this means.


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again! Now, please follow up with the brands you do buy and the arbitrary reasons behind it.

    I'm SO with you on the Tom Ford stuff even though I think it's beautiful. But, $50 lipstick? Go eff yourself, Tommy.

  2. I don't know half of these names BUT I love Shiseido!

  3. Ha! I love NARS, such great colors. I can't wear Laura Mercier, too much yellow. Her and Bobbi Brown both. So my dislikes are primarily sensual, and practical, in that order:).

  4. I love the thought you've out into this!!! All the Big Issues. xx

  5. I've got to say, good points all around.

  6. @Amblus, I'd blog about my arbitrary reasons for buying stuff, except it would probably boil down to "It seemed cute," "Other bloggers/Youtubers raved about it" or "The Sales Associate was pushy."

    @Paola ... so perhaps Shiseido bothers to advertise in Italy? Because here they haven't since the great Serge Lutens was doing their ads.

    @LPC Are you telling me you don't have a problem with Nars's shade names? The place names I can't pronounce; the cultural references that I might not catch; the sex acts;frankly, the mind boggles!

    @FF Yep, deep thoughts on shallow subjects; that's me.

    @BB Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm already thinking of more makeup-negging posts. I'm out to destroy the calm smugness of makeup manufacturers everywhere, and I won't be satisfied until Tom Ford starts inviting me to his parties.

  7. Yes I am, since all the lettering is too small for me to read anyway;).

  8. and the inverse of the over-sexed and somewhat forced seeming names of all the NARS colors, I gravitate to OPI because of their names. Maybe someday I can have that job, although I'm not nearly clever enough.
    But I do love NARS Orgasm blush. And you might too with your newfound coloring revelations.

  9. Philistine Nars makes the smoothest shadows and blushes, awesome colors and texture. I am all about Le Metier shadows too but think they will be out of business soon. La Prairie is all about skincare and I have used it 28 years with great success. Skincare companies cannot be color companies. Finally I just bought D&G 620, which is the hottest red lipstick in my stash.
    So for this post we must agree to disagree but carry on :)

  10. Well, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is awesome, and you're missing out!

  11. Ha -I LOVE NARS for the rubber packaging - I find it modern and sleek - I even love their font:)


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