Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's been over a year. Where have I been?

Right here! I swear. Except very busy with non-internet, real-life, 3-D stuff, and not the kind of 3-D stuff that comes out of those fancy printers.


1) Gained weight. (Boo!) Working on getting rid of it.

2) Took Master Buxom, now 20, for his freshman year at college 900 miles away, and was surprisingly good with it. I think it's because he's having such a great time and learning so much and becoming so articulate about his ideas--what's not to like?

3) Got Miss Buxom, who is now 18 and a high school graduate (YAY) into Interlochen Academy for a post-graduate year to study voice. She also got into a couple of colleges, but isn't delighted with her choices, so there will be more college-application fun down the road. Whee! Because in case you were wondering, college applications for music performance are even more enjoyable than the regular kind, what with the auditions and travel and anxiety and general frenzy of it all.

4) Realized that I am officially pushing 60.

5) Started using eye cream on the regular, instead of just when I get a sample.

6) Bought a bunch of clothes from St. John, which I said I'd never ever do because dowdy. And expensive. Unfortunately, flattering trumps both.

7) Fell back in love with my Clarisonic Mia, because it turns out Micellar Water, while handy, doesn't exfoliate or give me the deep clean I need.

8) Bought the Couch-to-5K app, which I actually sort of enjoy, in a thank-God-for-sports-bras-and-an-uptempo-playlist kind of way.

9) Fell in love with Louis Vuitton. I KNOW. But you can get amazing bargains from Japanese sellers. Plus, when you're about to become an empty nester, you need something to lavish care on, so now I can lovingly polish the brass grommets of my circa 1990 Epi Petit Noe with a Q-tip and some Maas metal polish.

10) After a long hiatus, started polishing my nails on the regular. I have no idea why my nails were breaking off and peeling and being so uncooperative, but for a few years, they were, and now they aren't. They are clicking away like anything as I type, I assure you.


  1. Missed you! Maybe you will share with us your St. John successes, or possibly your nail polish favorites?

  2. Welcome Back!!!
    Missed you...and your Real Life sounds rich and full.
    Look forward to hearing more.....

  3. Welcome back! Japanese sellers, RIGHT? And epi leather! Best.

    Now go buy Good Genes.

  4. GLAD.YOU.ARE.BACK! My son is the same age as Master Buxom so I had been wondering..... But I got you son went off to college 3300 miles away AND across the Atlantic Ocean!

  5. Love you thank God you are back! Laughing about the St John!

  6. Well hello again! Real life is a bummer sometimes, isn't it?

  7. Missed you, Poppy! Hope to see more...xo


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